Horses are some of the best known animals on the planet, and have played an important part in the development of human society, as well as in the domestication of animals as a whole.

Horses are 4 legged animals that are fast running mammals, that are relatively easily startled, quickly run away from predators, and played a major role in human warfare, travel, and communication, as they are capable of traveling long distances at a quicker rate than otherwise possible.

Horses are frequently admired as being beautiful animals, and between their appearance in the wild, and in equestrian events, they are frequently being photographed:

Black and White by Vedran Vidak

Wild horses by Antonio Costa

Horse by Rob van de Peppel

Horses by NickYourMyHero

Sand Bath Terminus With Gnats by Lynne Glazer

Icelandic horses by Karen

Friends For Ever by Jeannette Oerlemans

Danish Horses by Thilo Teschendorf

Horses with harrow by Christine Sweet

Charge by Jojo

Freedom by Guillermina Sogo

Horses by M.S.Photography/Art

4 icelandic horses by Kristján Karlsson

Horses by Ozetsky

horses by emochick91

Resilience by Karsten Wrobel

Horses by Göran Backman

Icelandic stallion by Anna Guðmundsdóttir

Amazing Horses by Lemieux66

The calm before the storm by Neil Morgan

Sardinian Horses by Ajö

Gypsy Horses by Motorbikeman

Three Horses by WabbyTwaxx

Dusty Horses by Charlotte Ballenger

Horses at Strumpshaw by Nick Wakeling

Sea Horses by Alison Duncan

Horse by meg_nicol

Horses by eclareee

Iceland horses by José Eduardo Silva

Winter Horse by Joshua Jacks