Canyons are fascinating places. The result of thousands, if not millions of years of erosion processes, canyons are usually formed by rivers cutting away rock slowly, resulting in a steep valley surrounded by sharp rock faces.

Because canyons have a lot of elevation changes, combined with their locations in the wilderness and river features, they are great subjects for photographers. It’s possible to get a great aerial perspective, capture the sun reflecting off the rock faces and the river, or a majestic sunset with clouds over the seemingly endless terrain.

In this post we’ll look at 30 majestic canyon photographs that show off some of the features that are great elements of canyons.

Gregory Canyon Overlook by Russ Shugart

The Wave by James Fitzgerald

enchanted little canyon by Norbert Maier

Infrared Canyon Grand by Jerry Berry

Antilope canyon by Ruben van der Laan

Canyon sunset by Aviro

Grand Canyon by Laurence Pak

Canyon Storm by Dough Roane

Bulgarian Grand Canyon II by Vasil Anastasovski (backoa)

Canyon view by Velu

Over The Edge by Ryan Dyar

Red canyons of Lake Powell by Gleb Tarro

Light at the end of the tunnel by Danilo Faria

Canyon Eye by Dimitri Fomin

Through It All by Dustin Gent

A Crack in the Earth by Stephanie Sarles

The Beauty in Me by Christian Klepp

Expedition Lewis by Steven Michael

Soaring by Mike Reyfman

Coyote Falls by Joshua Cripps

Antelope Canyons III by Hensler

One of Arizona’s Canyons by Tigles 1 Artistry

Stream Head by Dante Sangreal

Montenegro Canyons by bratART

Canopy of Light by Lan-Plant

Havasupai Canyon aerial by Chief Bwana

Bryce Canyon Below The Rim by StevenL Pierce

Antelope Canyon by Issac.borrego

DSC02189-v2 – Grotto Canyon – Canyon Walls by Loupiote (Old Skool)

Today’s Reality of the Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona by D200-Paul Back Home

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