There is something about city life that is different than living anywhere else on the planet. The sheer volume and density of the population creates a unique social fabric and vibrant community that brings a bustling motion to a city.

Every city has similar properties, but a unique style that is almost like a personality, with some cities having a nonstop sense of rushing while others have a more laidback, relaxed and personal feeling.

Part of what makes a city unique is the architecture and design of the cityscape, and this is what many photographers live for. Here’s some of the more magnificent cityscape photographs you’ll find.

NEW YORK by Calvin Hollywood by Calvin Hollywood

Tokyo Blues by Kim Erlandsen

Waking Clouds by Beno Saradzic

Hungarian cityscapes by realityDream

D U B A I by Sanjay Pradhan

Cityscapes gold by 13idiotbox

Brooklyn Bridge New York City by Dominique Palombieri

Future Cityscapes by Kala-A

Twilight by Sanjay Pradhan

Bangkok Cityscape by Rawangtak

Razzmatazz Dubai by Sanjay Pradhan

Golden Gate Bridge by Dominique Palombieri

Berlin Cityscape by Modi1985

CityScape by Hipnetix

Cityscape by Snapshooter

Cityscapes by GaelSoares

Bay of Fire by Mark Lucey

Istanbul Cacophony by erhan sasmaz

Cityscape by DragonfirePhotos

Prague Golden City by Michael Breitung

Stormy Sunset at False Creek by PHOTONPHOTOGRAPHY – Viktor Lakics

Cityscape by shittyPOOP

Singapore Cityscapes by tanzwj

Pudong Skyline,Shanghai by Viktor Lakics

*Petite Venice* Colmar by erhan sasmaz

Golden Sunset – New York City by Dominique Palombieri

Brisbane Cityscape by DJColdfire

Purple Sky by Commander-Richo

Cityscape by overdrivezero

Istanbul Night by erhan sasmaz

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