Humans have a natural affinity for the concept of speed. We’re always looking for ways to move faster and work faster, and many people get an adrenaline rush from driving at high speeds. This need for speed has led our lives to be incredibly fast paced, and maybe the only thing we want to be slower is our aging process.

This natural desire for speed makes for a great concept in art, film and photography. The techniques for capturing the concept of speed vary depending on the medium, but in photography, long exposure, motion blur and action photography all work well to capture speed.

Here, I’ve showcased some intense examples of speed photography for your viewing pleasure.

Angel De-cloaking By Chris Buff

At full speed By Marion Vollborn

A Trail of Dust at Sunset By Kemal Selimovic

The Speed By Alp Cem

SPEED By Dejan Smaic

w.a.t.e.r.w.o.r.l.d by Mathias Ahrens

I feel the need, the need for speed By David F. Brown


Need for speed By Giulio Zanni

Power & Speed By Mishari Al-Reshaid

Lucky Number 13 By The Learning Curve Photography

Delayed Chapstick By alan sailer

speed By Maneef Photography

Speed By John Scott

Pole Position By Felix Efecreata

Speed of Light By Toshio

Pendolino at speed By rowanC82

In Motion By Adam Barker/AdamBar

Catch you By Hendrik Cuaca

Scraping up a storm! By Jordan Donnelly

Addrenlain By LieberPhotography

Speed By rainyrose23

Whizzo…!! By AirTeam Canon

Rally Sardinia By Ben Gilbert

sepia speed By suerdas

Horseman By Hengki24

Fluff and Ribbons!!! By AirTeam Canon

RAF Rollercoaster By AirTeam Canon

Speed By Alfredo Sanchez

Jet Ski I By Stelios Kritikakis