The octopus is one of those animals that seem like they are from another world. They are so strange, in fact, that they frequently show up in mythology, literature and film and were even worshiped by ancient Peruvians. A number of fictional alien species in science fiction look suspiciously like octopuses as well.

Octopuses can also be food, and are sometimes kept as pets although they are notoriously good at escaping and scaring the owners.

For photography, octopuses can present a challenge, as they frequently use defense tactics such as ink and camouflage as well as quick motion to escape the prying lens of a photographer. But it is possible to get some creative shots with octopuses if you have the patience or ingenuity (and maybe a little photomanipulation):

Bioluminescent By Darren Pearson

Octopus By Antonio Lozano

Octopus By Rebeca Saray

Tote Hose By ambra

Octopus By reza nazemi

The treasure hunter By Rebeca Saray

Beast By Zoltan Toth

Octopus Abstract By Jacob Routzahn

Sucker By Carly Wong

Octopus By LH Padovan

5/52 By Marco Sallese

Nuclear Octopus final by ghiom

The Kraken and the Island By Kayman Studio

Octopus_lips By Vanessa Gold

Sweet tentacles By Discorat Ks

Lorelei By Mike Wilson

Octo By Gunther Frans

Davy Jones By Pavel Bondarenko

Grilled Octopus By Pavel Bondarenko

Octopus vs cook By Ondrej Tichy

Sleeper By Shingo Uchiyama

Blue Ring By Davide Lopresti

Octopus By Patrizia Burra

Octopus Chess By Chris metcalfe

Octopus By Maria Mart

Giant Pacific Octopus By 500 noise

Shhh Im Not Really Here….. By Stephen Black

Octopus Stinkhorn By Susanne Ludwig

Almost-trigintapus By Magmyska

Black Pearl By Der Sand

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