Portraits are a mixed expression of the photographer taking the photograph and the person being photographed. Certainly, a portrait is all about the subject, but the execution of the portrait requires significant work and input by the photographer.

One of the most popular types of portraits are goofy, awkward or otherwise unique portraits. It gives both the subject and photographer a lot of leeway in creativity and can lead to some really neat results.

In this post, we’ll look at 30 goofy and awkward portraits:

Beat the Chef by Dean Bradshaw

Breakfast by Patrizia Burra

Portraits - Striking the Pose e-Book

Ah ha! by Terra Nik

I’m Tellin’ Y’all by ShanRoseSlav

Advertising Campaign by Dean Bradshaw

Bug Eyes by Greg Benz

… by Pierre Beteille

Day of the Deals by ShanRoseSlav

Venom can kiss by Kam Khan

Funny Businessman by Silverk black

Retro tape portrait by Roman Rodionov

AAARGH! by Mr Rickster

Portraits - Lighting the Shot e-Book

After Bailey by

The Platt Brothers by Dean Bradshaw

Reading by Pierre Beteille

Can’t Stop the Angst by Hampus Lindvall

Now & Then by Betina La Plante

Pierre Beteille

Picasso by Pierre Beteille

Leigh Sedley by Dean Bradshaw

I Just Couldn’t Live by Eric Nelson

This is by Kam Khan

Out of His Heart by Zack Ahern

Eat me by Pierre Beteille

Frame by Frame by Adam Ross

Trauma by Cristina Otero

Make Faces

We and Us

Advertising Campaign by Dean Bradshaw

Portraits - Making the Shot e-Book

Edie Scissors by ShanRoseSlav

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