Abstract photography has so many possibilities due to its unique and relatively flexible definition. Abstract photos can be created from almost anything, whether it be sand on the beach, or shingles on a roof. However, it’s important to take a relatively mundane object or situation and elevate it to the level of art.

Good abstract photography makes you want to stare at the image and determine what it is, and why it looks fascinating.

Here’s 30 fresh and unique examples of abstract photography:

so gentle, so furious by Ursula I Abresch

Abstract by Marie85

Suntipped Sand by ronanbree

Jaws by Corrie White

Abstract by Garry Wilmore

Angels Party by Hasan Almasi

primordial soup by Ursula I Abresch

Soap Opera by Christophe Kiciak

Peacock – abstract view by Snapper56

Alien Eye by russwxyz

Abstract by tanakwho

Gut Ahe by Geoffrey Gilson

Blue by Earl A. Jones

The Seagulls Dance by mustafa turk

Abstract Macro by Extrajection

Staircase by Tanakawho

Abstract by FreeAriello

Bubbles Abstract by vandalised

my BC by Ursula I Abresch

The Sky is Draining by borinamisica

Merry White Christmas by Geoffrey Gilson

Winter by Geoffrey Gilson

Abstracting by Image Zen

Tunnel Vision by Robert Work

Rooftop Symphony by Frank Daske

needles by Ursula I Abresch

Feed by Jacob Jovelou

falling brilliantly by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Untitled by Luigi Benedetti

an abstraction by Anna Dovgal

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