Fields are areas of open land, often used for growing crops or other plants, but sometimes are just inhabited by wild grasses. Grassy fields are known as meadows, and they play a major role in various ecosystems because of the type of life they can support.

In photography, the large open area can usually allow for a great horizon view, and because they seldom have large features, any large feature such as a tree or animal will stand out as a subject.

In this post, you’ll see 30 beautiful photographs of fields and meadows.

Beautiful Sunset by Tilyo Rusev

Summer’s Meadow by Philip Jones

Sandridge meadow by Connie Fitzgerald

Surveying the meadow by -liyen-

Field by Marinella

Splendor of the Meadows by John Richter

Field of dandelions 2 by Dragan Milovanovic

Field of Flowers 1 by Gi Pamperien

Poppy fields of Kent by Louise Wilden

Spring Fields by Tim Fiddimore

Meadow by Pete

Suburb meadow by Paula Fry

Spring Meadows #2 by Martin Rak

Moroccan Field by Perry McKenna

Fields and meadows by Wamillian

infinity green by Cristian Martinelli

Fields and meadows by Wamillian

Sunset in Taiping Paddy Field by Syibli

Dark clouds over wheat field by Alessandro Carnevale

Dandelion Field by usabin

Misty Field by Leo

Field of green by Alan

meadow down by sassaputzin

Countryside by Kasper Nymann

Red Meadow by Cryp7ic

Tuscany landscape by Tuscany landscape

Summer Breeze Sam Meyrick

Field by Kasper Nymann

Plum Island Field by SarahRydgren

In the fields by LadyShamisen

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