All jokes about the movie series aside, there is something about the fast life that holds an appeal for many people. Driving fast, living life dangerously, perhaps even breaking the law, all provide a rush of neurotransmitters that promote a feeling of a high, and it’s one of the allures of a risky lifestyle.

There are a variety of motifs that are common with the idea of living life fast and furiously, such as fast cars, attractive women, crime, drugs, energy and motion, fire and smoke, and danger. These all play really well in photography, but perhaps the best way to capture a fast and furious lifestyle in a photograph is just to take a snapshot when things are becoming their most intense in any situation.

Look at these photographs and you’ll see:


Setting Sun By Richard Pardon

teleport By Mike Ashton-Moore

Faster By Vincentius Ferdinand

Outburst By Fauzan Maududdin

To Win By Edwin Leung

Fast 2 Furious By Andrés Nieto Porras

Speed By Throwgnilloh Lien

Journey By Laszlo Gal

SHARK 11 By AirTeam Canon

The Flying Kitten By Roeselien Raimond

Speed – trying to capture the moment By Peter Schön

Dissection By Hayk Shalunts

Fast and Furious By Elvin Solis

Fast and Furious By Delphine Devos

Fast & Furious By Faiz Baig

Fast and Furious By Giulio Zanni

Fast and furious By Marcos Gali

Need for speed By Dickens Au

Blammo! By Adam Barker

Focus By Tin Man

Race By photoreconnaissance

Speed By MayoOnChips

BMW 645 – Good bye By dejz0r

Duhner Race By Horst Fischer

Like the Wind By Behrooz Sangani

NYC – Fast & Furious Yellow Cabs By David Min

Fast and furious By Martin Dimitrievski

BMW M1 Nurburgring By Ivan Barinov

w.a.t.e.r.w.o.r.l.d …. By Mathias Ahrens