Silhouettes are images or outlines of people and objects that are made by light on a dark background, or against a bright background that causes the figure to just appear as a solid, dark shape. Silhouettes can be art by themselves, but they are also frequently featured in the context of other artistic works.

Silhouettes are common in photography, because the bright natural light from sources such as the sun cause challenges with exposure for photographers. But they can also be the desired outcome of a photograph as well.

Here, I’ve featured some great examples of silhouette photography.

Dancing by leellor

Dance In The Rain by Marinshe

Sofie by Vincent Westberg

Tunnel by Lostchilclothing

Silhouettes by David Collins

Visual Interference by Walther Luiz Schluter

Ride on Mirror by Praveller BSung

by UrbanBuzz

by Nasim Etemadi

Tree Silhoutte by Avimorag

Sauron’s Eye by Simon Swales

Badshahi Mosque by Askdareflection

Morning Silhoutte by photo61guy

New York City Silhoutte by astoria4u

Peace of Utrecht by Hans van de Camp

They Hit The Town by TJ Scott

Silhouette by Mikko

Waterwalking by SERENDIP

Over All The World by Alexandr Zadiraka

Witch Silhouette by primalx

Surfer by Ade Hopkins

Follow The Light by ManicBerry

New Day by Alberto Paolucci

Palmtrees by TamaraM.

Photographer by iky22

Sunset Water by Pink Sherbet Photography

Couple Portrait by A-Min Photography

Sunset In The Field by Daxeel Soni

Hold Me Please by Muha

Natural Landscape by Jonathan Cohen

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