Most people claim they don’t like insects, as they relate them to creepy bugs and annoying pests that will sting or bite. But most people actually appreciate certain types of insects, and one of the most photographed is the butterfly. Butterflies belong to the same type of insect group as moths, and go through a 4 stage life cycle like many other insects, and are usually recognized for being delicate, colorful and easy to see.

Butterflies are a popular photography subject because of their colors and relatively slow flight. The vivid colors that are frequently seen are due to scales that are pigmented with melanin that give black and brown colors, and the microstructure of the scales creates the other colors with the scattering of light.

This post showcases 30 especially delicate butterfly photographs:

Perfect Number Alberto Di Donato

Purple dream… by Wil Mijer

butterfly by Ebrahim bakhtari bonab

Butterfly by Dorota Krauze

A Butterfly by Slinky-2012

The saints are coming by Fabien BRAVIN

Beautiful by blmiers2

Butterfly by Dorota Krauze

Monarch Butterfly by Scott

Snow Apollo by Jaek Song

Orange Tip by Mehmet Gören

pink champagne by kayesphotos

Must be love by Moni

Butterfly on Croka by MichelLalonde

butterfly by shay habba

Thinking to each other by Niloufar Hosein zadeh

The last hour of fall by Tanel Aruoja

True Love by Arief Perdana

Enjoying the last sunlight by Eugene Banin

Butterflies season by Niloufar Hosein zadeh

Butterfly by yanshee

Polyommatus icarus by KoenEeckhoudt

Butterfly by Simona Carli

Meeting by Anders Gunnarsson

Butterfly on Tile by Jaek Song

Butterfy by Cristobal Garciaferro Rubio

Hot by jimmy hoffman

Subtle Beauty by Aric Jaye

A conversation between butterflies by Steve Mackay

Small Copper by Mark Johnson

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