In a previous post, I wrote about the intricate beauty and possibilities for abstract art in the simple leaf. Leaves have a delicate and subtle beauty to them.

One of the great things about leaves is that they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Some leaves are large, others are small, and even during the course of a year, leaves have multiple size changes and color changes depending on the type of leaf and the season of the year.

Leaves are great for photographers, because of the way they absorb and diffuse light, and the fact that they are capable of some motion due to wind, but are otherwise stationary and easy to photograph:

Golden Light By Joni Niemelä

Pliable By Shihya Kowatari

Real raindrop not glycerine drop By Mehmet Mesart

Solitude By Jan Vojtek

Orange Crush By Niko Vass

Une Feuille d’Automne By Taeki M

Solo By Marius Popescu

Eyes Can’t Tell Us By Marc Adamus

dreamland By Peter Sziky – Peet

The woman By John Andreas Olsson

Leaf By Codrin Lupei

Leaf By BogdanBoev

“The 3 Brothers” on their way to Christmas By Moni

Too late By Muhammad AlMuhammady

Leave By Paul van Geldrop

Autumn Ethereal By Alexandre Deschaumes

Winds of Summer By Alex Greenshpun

Precious texture By Julia Wimmerlin

Simply autumn By Martineb

oak leaf detail By Gale Rainwater

RainyI want to see that ! By Papp Csaba Istvan

Rainy Day By Davide Massignani

Sunshine through the rain By Tomer Yaffe

Is it still raining…? By Jimmy hoffman

Maple leaf By Bror Johansson

A Little Spy By Mostafa Ammar

Natural Umbrella By Kutub Uddin

Power of Two By Christian Schweitz

Moist Memories By C Rankin

The Fallen By Jeff Clow

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