A wedding is one of the most significant days of most people’s lives. Most of us attend weddings when we’re younger, of aunts, uncles, friends and other family. Most people also look forward to their own wedding day, and although it can be a nervous experience, it’s also reflected on as one of the happiest days of most people’s lives.

Many people choose to hire a wedding photographer to take lots of photographs that they can use to cherish the memory. The wedding photographs can be pretty straightforward, but some people choose to have a lot of fun with some of the photographs.

Here’s 30 creative wedding photos:

Daniel Krieger

Mukhina Photography

TAD Photography

Andrez Photography

James Rubio

Tracie Taylor Photography


Simone Carluccio

Ian Taylor Photography

Oeil Photography


Sean Shimmel

Benj Haisch


Iosif Manikis


Benj Haisch

Millzero Photography

Wiseacre Photo


Benj Haisch

Edgar Barany

Jason Lavengood

Iwan Photography

Zach Hodges


Daniel Krieger

Lidia Camacho

Daniel Krieger

James Rubio

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