Pinups, or more specifically, a pinup girl, was a model whose image was printed frequently in pictures used for magazines, etc. Perhaps most recognizable during World War II, pinups have been seen since the 1890s. Usually, a photograph of an attractive model, actress or other superstar would be printed in a magazine, calendar or newspaper, and people would cut out the picture and pin it to a wall or bulletin board to look at.

The style is well known, and many fashion photographs are modeled after or inspired by the pinup style. Use of vintage or retro photo filters is one way to achieve it, or simply a seductive pose with a model wearing historical fashion trends is also a possible technique.

In this post, I’ve selected 30 creative pinup photos for you to check out.

Pinup Girls 6 by marianna photography

Modern Pinup Photo by Pussycat Photography

Big Girls Don’t cry 1 by Ana Dias

Pin Up Girls 10 by marianna photography

Pin Up Girl, American Style

Summer Valentine by Ana Dias

Powder Time by Died

Pin Up Girl by wish2011

Pin Up by Gabriel de Alba

Napolean Cake by Srebrnica

High Class by Adam Vaerluk

Hotroad by Jessica Ganser

Pin Up Girls 3 by marianna photography

Pinup Call by cande-knd

Big Girls Don’t Cry 2 by Ana Dias

Bobby Jos Diner by Nitemare Photography

Peek a Boo by ophelia-overdose

Pin Up by Basistka

Pin Up 6 by wish2011

Pin Up Girl by Erik Reis

Michelle Anatomy 3 by kayleystar

Pin Up by Dena Massque

Pinup Wallpaper

Pin Up by Konstantin Korchagin

Photo by pinuppost

The Vintage Box by Ben Heine

Hotrod 6 by Gretel MaCabre

Pinup by Phil Bailey

Ops by Rebeca Saray

Vanilla Kingdom by Ophelia-Overdose

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