Nature has such a unique array of colors, ranging from crisp blue skies to red rocks, green leaves and purple flowers. Most of our associations of certain colors are due to nature, such as the attraction and heat of reddish colors, and the refreshing feeling of blue colors.

For a photographer, nothing is better than the colors of nature. It’s possible to selectively choose and capture specific colors using filters or editing, and it’s also possible to create strong contrasts in composition using color.

Here’s 30 colorful nature photographs:

light of hope By Ayie Permata Sari

Kus Bakisi Istanbul by esclamazione

Dendros By Marcelo Vieira

Colourful nature – autumn reflections By natureloving

Colorful lakes of San Francisco From

Colorful sunset By fotolympus

You can see London from here By Matt Gibson

Colorful Dreaming by Michael Breitung

Colorful Nature By DenesG1

Untitled by Hubert Kosmowski

*** by fproject

Colorful Dreams by Yiming Hu

Rebirth By Zsolt Zsigmond

Symphony of Colours by Karsten Wrobel

Colorful Nature by Yofi

Cedar Creek Sunshine By Darren White

Extreme Dew by Ursula Abresch

colorful nature By AmeliaMartin1989

Old Fords and Farms By John De Bord

Untitled By amir soleimani

Colorful Nature by Unknown

Colorful by Artfiction

liberal sprinkles By David Murphy

Macro Nature by S. Amer

Nature By slight clutter

Colorful Nature By Alexander Matev

colors on the lake by Unknown

Road to no Regret By Philippe Sainte-Laudy

face of nature By rasto1893

Placid By Þorsteinn H Ingibergsson

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