Portraits are fascinating, because they are almost like a window to the soul. Many native cultures used to fear being photographed for this very reason, they felt that it would take part of their soul that they could never get back. While most of us are fine with being photographed, many people have varying levels of being photogenic.

Some people just seem to look perfect in front of the camera, looking natural and relaxed, while the rest of us look awkward and often have forced smiles.

Portraits can be quite captivating when they are taken in the perfect set of circumstances. Here’s 30 captivating portrait photographs:

THE SCREAM by CalvinHollywood

Ellora Newton By Jack Salzke

Portraits - Striking the Pose e-Book

Untitled By brett walker

Black & White Captivating Portrait By CubaGallery

captivating By Tessa Beligue

Captivating Portrait By Hira

Magdalenna © fb101

and with no words, she can get what she came for © alisa senicic

The attractive By Maria Savina

Captivating By Sophie Vandebuerie

Captivating By iNeedChemicalX

Captivating By AFZ-STYLE

Captivating By Sky_walker

Captivating by iNeedChemicalX

Captivating… By WK Chew

Flower Princess By Dimitar Hristov

Captivating By m.j. arcanjo

Portraits - Lighting the Shot e-Book

Captivating by beautyfromlight

Captivating By mimo

Captivating By [email protected]

Captivating by ~puss–in–boots

Captivated By riaskiff

Captivating Rain Man © anhro

A Kind Of Thoughts © Chat Noir * Philomena Famulok

Captivating by Sea of Ice

Captivating portrait By CubaGallery

Captivating by delete

Captivating portrait By dimitri_c

captivating by brenditaworks

Portraits - Making the Shot e-Book

Nobile barbone by Tiziano Taddei

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