The human eyes and brain are acutely aware of colors. The eye is capable of distinguishing various colors based on their wavelength, and cone cells in the eye usually see 400nm to 700nm wavelengths. It is theorized that sensitivity to color was essential to human survival, as it allowed for distinguishing of threats, location of food and water, and other color associations. Color processing begins early in the visual system but the brain also plays a key role in processing the information.

For human psychology, colors each tend to have different concepts and meanings associated with them, but the true power of color comes from the ability to combine, contrast and complement each other.

Vivid colors can draw incredible attention and be quite captivating in photography by playing off the eye’s sensitivity to color:

Divine Makeover By Mahesh Balasubramanian

This is not Namibia By Radek

Vivid colours By Diana Susselman

Soap Film By Markus Reugels

last colors of Carnival By Andrea Macherelli Bianchini

Vivid Colors By SR Zok

Too much lemonade By Samanta

The vivid colors of summer By Edmondo Senatore

world of colours By Linh Rom

A vivid intruder By Adrian Popan

Virutas By Ana Gaztelu

Colors of life By mystic552

Colors By Tomasz Kornas

Fall Colors By Richard Snyder

Vivid By F. A. Ecker

Unwind By C.S.Tjandra

Whitby Beach Huts By Jeff Fahey

Punch By Sergey Valiev

Coloring book Estes By D. Thomas Owsley

I think some of the colouring went on the paper as well By Kim Roslyng

Vivid Colors By Adil Alpkocak

Day 151 By Stefan Alin Constantin

Vivid colors By Guillermo Villasana

Wonderland By Adrian Bolboceanu

Urban squirrel By Par Soderman

Wet Neon By Raf Winterpacht

colourful love By yano

Art of Play-Doh By Ray Brown

The Grand Prismatic Spring By Fedor Volkov

Macaw Vibrant Colors By Julio Villalba M

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