Scientifically speaking, wind is created by movement of air due to differences in atmospheric pressure over areas on Earth. Wind is essential to life, as it allows for spores, pollen and seeds to be moved around the environment, and it also provides a cooling effect on a hot day.

From an artistic standpoint, wind is also essential, as it can represent a variety of concepts such as change or movement. Wind itself isn’t necessarily visible, but the effects are, and it can act as a great storytelling device in photography.

In this post, I’ve gathered up some great examples of windy-themed photographs.

Into Another World By Klairii

Ripples and Flames By Marc Adamus

Trees bent By a Strong Wind By Peter Roder

Wind By Tommy Ingberg

Today We are Doing Well By Peter Roder

Ridge Runner By Marcus Björkman

Windy Trees By Guy Boden

Breeze By Bill Jones

Windy Ears By Ingrid

Windy By Marta Syrko

Windy day By Georgette

Windy Flowers By Kori

Windy Prairie By Wolfgang Schlegl

Windy Morning By Marinshe

Windy Rooftop Bridal By Ben Godking

Hair By Aiwendillie

Amy Green – Ainsdale Beach, Windy By Rick Bradbury

Storm Over the Great Sand Dunes By Dan Ballard Photography

Blown Away

The First Breeze of Spring By Antn Nikolaevich

Being Blue

Embracing The Wind By David Lloyd

Gentle Breeze, Strong Storm By Carlos Gotay Martínez

Dance of Light and Sand By Dan Ballard

Winter Wind By Mark Emirali

Breeze By Louis Mariano Gonzalez

Strong Wind By Marco Bianchetti

Moment and Dance By Teri Lee Kline

Battling the Wind By Rasmus

Breeze By Denis Kartavenko

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