Black and white photos are a tricky thing for many photographers. It’s easy to come across as an amateur photographer attempting to look “edgy”, or for your photos to look straight out of the 1920’s. But black and white photography does have a place in almost every photographer’s arsenal for a variety of reasons.

While colored images provide a greater range of shade, black and white photography has an essential subdued feeling that can work perfectly in a variety of situations, particularly in portraits. It also has a nostalgic feeling, which can create a feeling of memory or remembrance, and it can also create an incredible stark contrast between the solid blacks and the pure white.

With the advent of dSLRs, it’s most popular for photographers to take a photograph in color and later convert it to black and white, but often, the best results are when the subject is photographed in black and white, as it allows the photographer to see without having to do a digital conversion. The results, particularly in portraits, can be quite stunning:

goodnight lovers By Julia Borodina

Untitled By Michael Tonsberg

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*** ByDmitriy Pokrovskiy

*** By Ann Nevreva

Black By Oren Hayman

Now you see me By Tomer Jacobson

F l o w By Fadi Tarawneh

Speechless By Arash Karimi

small Chadna By Robert

the widower By Piet Flour

sensual by zieniu By Tomasz Zienkiewicz

Solange By Vanessa Madec

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Nadya By Sean Archer

Why Do You Love Me? By Kristina Kazarina

Gold Dust Woman By Kristina Kazarina

The Mind Reader By Ario Wibisono

Uncertainty By Risquillo

*** By delete

Wish By Mohammadreza Momeni

Lisa By Flo

Untitled By Miroslaw Majewski

Leah at the window By Alessandra Manzotti

Fashion passion By Yevgen Romanenko

Bw By Yevgen Romanenko

Farm Portrait By Brian Ingram

amazement By Hegel Jorge

Ali By tunaakcay

Portrait By Kristina Kazarina

Untitled By Kristina Kazarina

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