Earth is teeming with life, and it comes in an incredible number of forms. Although various species are endangered or extinct, the wildlife that does remain is fascinating and also presents a great photography subject.

The problem with trying to photograph wildlife is that, well, it’s wild. Usually, wildlife doesn’t respond particularly well to human presence, and it will either attempt to flee, or worse, attack the photographer.

However, for those brave and clever enough (or with a telephoto lens of course), it’s possible to get some truly spectacular wildlife photographs.

Ohhhh Noooo!….Not Again by Harry Eggens

Exciting by Jordi Strijdhorst

Tropical Jewel by roamingtigress

Mandarin Duck, Taronga Zoo from BRJ INC.

Burmese Rock Python By Thiha Ye Tint Thiha Ye Tint

Awaiting a Title by Nate-Zeman

Giant Galapagos Land Tortoise by Mamun Humayun

Fairytale By Alex Saberi

reaching By shikhei goh

Fox Kits By Wil Harmsen

Squirrel by Triinek

I see you… by JohnnyPover

Don’t bother me By Foxy Photog

S-curve By Nikolai Zinoviev

The white hunter By Mircea Costina

Untitled By Wil Harmsen

Duel By Ivan Kluciar

Preying By Olof Petterson

Lights, Camera, Action! By Debbie Tubridy

Clouded Existence By Ashley Vincent

Wise By Tom Schmitt

Nature’s Wonder By Mohammed Alnaser

the three kings By Irawan Subingar

Wild Beaver at Work By Jeff Clow

Her Guardian By Mohammed Alnaser

A very long thinking By mathilde guillemot

BIGMOUTH By Wolf Ademeit

Stag belling under the sunrise By david garnier

Watch Out! By Kyle Ambrose

Emerald Tree Python by Cryolysis

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