People often dream of visiting other planets, and one of humanity’s biggest goals over the past 50 years has been exploring our galaxy and attempting to land both robots and eventually humans on other planets and moons in our solar system. Thanks to film and videogames, a ton of possible environments have been visualized, spurring on humanity’s imagination about other planets.

There are plenty of places on Earth that look other-worldly too, however. With jagged canyons, seemingly mystical geysers and hot springs, deep ocean trenches and other environmental features, Earth has some fascinating places for landscape photography.

Here, I’ve selected 30 of the most alien-looking landscape photographs from places around the world.

strange stones By Jens Kling

Alien landscapes.. By Edmondo Senator

Strange Landscape By Doug Roane

Strange Wave By Strange Wave

Alien landscapes By Edmondo Senatore

Alien Landscapes 2 by Edmondo

Return to Mars By Len Saltiel

Inhospitable By Gary McParland

landscape from an alien planet By Gunnar Helliesen

Castillo Acher By Gus Busselo

Strange Lands By WK Cheoh

Alien Sea by Freddie Ridge

Follow the Flow By Photonook

Bisti Towrs By Andrew Meilstrup

Dunluce Castle at Twilight By Gary McParland

Insignificants By Javier Camacho

Dendritic By Eugene B

Alien Landscape Color By Jonathan Talbot

Winter sunset By Arild Heitmann

alien landscape By Andy M

Alien Landing Pad by Mark Goff

Another Planet By Eugene Soroka

Twister By Jakub Polomski

on the path By acrux/Kowalkowski Rafal

Alien World by Yiming Hu

Iceland By Raymó

Micro Hills By Chris Heald

3 Cime di Lavaredo By Daniele Pantanali

Celestial Dance By Jeff Jessing

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