The human skull is a combination of several bones, and is developed and structured specifically to protect vital areas of the brain and body. A skull actually tells a lot about a person, both with regards to gender and age, but it also provides other information and is frequently important in forensic investigations.

In art, the skull frequently appears in horror or macabre styles, but it can also show up in other types of art. Skulls are well known as logos and the skull and crossbones is a common motif used, especially with references to piracy.

In this post, I’ve collected 30 examples of skulls being created or highlighted in more abstract forms to show off the artistic qualities.

The Skull By Christophe Regnaud

Milky “Skull” By Michael Suppan

The Companion By Michael Gollotti

Skull By Jorge Puente

Skeleton By Chloé Battesti

Glimpse By Traian Marius Ungureanu

Bombing skulls By Nemo No

Lovely Bones By Francois Pheulpin

Underneath By Roderique Arisiaman

Sugar Skull By Rachid de Wind

Skull Station By François VIGNERON

Skull Rock By Tom Sebourn

Imagination is everything By Markus Reugels

Cartina Project 3 By Marcus Steinmeyer

Visual Disturbances By Danielle Tunstall

Skull Extermination By Paulo Solano

Mayan Sacriifice By Rich Allison

My head is in burn By Andreas Huhn

Fish Heads Skull By Tim Tadder

Dark By Sergi Pinto

Mexican Skull By Kermaron Zot

Crystal Skull Headache By alan sailer

Obsession By Beppe Ranieri

The Skull Man By Alina Gorn

Sugar Skull By Paolo Torrisi

Dark Side By Bailey Photographic

skull rock By ian mcintosh

Smoking Skulls By Vicky Duke

Skull By dogukan canakkale


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