Is your feed falling flat? Do you want to be an influencer but don’t have the content to make it happen? When it comes down to getting a truly stunning shot, like an aerial image, your phone may not cut it. Sometimes, you need a professional photograph to improve your aesthetic.

Whether you’re trying to cultivate a massive following on social media or simply trying to elevate your website, you can use awe-inspiring images to make an impact. The good news is that you do not need to look any further for fantastic photographs. Stockvault has you covered! 

Keep scrolling to see a collection of free, Instagram-worthy aerial images that you can use for professional and personal projects!

1. Reach New Heights

photograph of a person's feet dangling off of the edge of a building with the view of surrounding skyscrapers

Looking for a bold image? Leave your audience on the edge of their seats with this exhilarating shot of a person sitting on the roof of a skyscraper.

2. Ride Through A Winter Wonderland

birds eye view of a wintry forest with curved roadThis aerial photograph of a road winding through a winter forest by Invisible Power works well for a dynamic Instagram post – add a quote in your favorite font to make this image stand out even more.

3. See Manhattan From Above

satellite image of Manhattan at night

Everybody loves New York! Inspire your friends and followers when you share this unique, aerial view of Manhattan on your feed.

4. Relax Poolside

a hotel pool with lounge chairs and vertical garden wall seen from above

You know that influencer who always seems to be on vacation? Share this top view of a hotel swimming pool with its gorgeous vertical garden wall and that influencer could just be you.

5. Bask in An Idyllic Winter Sunrise

aerial image of a winter sunrise over Norway

This jaw-dropping view of the sun rising behind a snowy forest in Norway is sure to stun any viewer who scrolls by your profile. Snag this shot and other beautiful images from Invisible Power today.

6. Lose Yourself in A Sea of Pine Trees

birds eye view of a purple-toned pine trees in a forest

Use this awesome aerial view of pine trees by Invisible Power to add a pop of color to any of your social media platforms. Pair this powerful image with an inspiring quote and it is sure to be share-worthy.

7. Dive Into This Aerial Image of Ocean Waves

aerial image of blue ocean waves

If you’re ready to make waves online, you can do so by sharing this beautiful, blue aerial view of ocean waves by Curioso Photography.

8. Explore the Urban Landscape in Tokyo

aerial view of a Tokyo street scene with converging traffic lights and crosswalks

Immerse yourself in the urban landscape with this dynamic shot of Tokyo by Jack Moreh.

9. Inspire Wanderlust With This Roadside View

aerial image of a coastal road along a large blue body of water

Show your followers how to ride in style with this aerial view of a beautiful coastal road, verdant green trees and rich blue water.

10. Show A Different Side of Houston

aerial image of a highway and city skyline in Houston, Texas

Show your Texas pride with this sweet shot of Houston from above.

11. Explore Urban Nightlife

aerial image of an urban area at night

Need a photo that expresses nightlife in the city? Look no further than this awesome aerial shot of an urban area after dark.

12. Get Lost in This View of the USA from Space

satellite image of the United States at night

Whether you’re discussing energy use in the United States or just need an awe-inspiring shot of the entire country, this image of the US from space can come in handy! 

13. Dive Into Pink Lake Retba in Senegal

aerial image of Senegal's pink Lake Retba with boats lining the shore

If wanderlust is what you’re after, this shot of Senegal’s pink Lake Retba or Lac Rose by Curioso Photography is sure to inspire the traveler in you.

14. Drive Through A Snowy Winter Road

aerial image of a lone car driving through a snowy-covered road surrounded by a forest of trees

This cool shot of a car driving on a snowy road in the woods during the winter lends itself well to creative expression. Have an interesting winter story to tell? Use this image by Adam to evoke the feeling of driving through a freezing cold, frost-covered forest.

15. Take the Road Less Traveled

aerial image of a winding road cutting through a lush jungle

Everyone’s journey is different – illustrate that concept and more with this image of a lonely road cutting through the middle of the lush jungle by SK.

16. Go Where the Land Meets the Sea

aerial image of land and sea water converging

This spectacular, abstract aerial image of the land merging with the sea has unlimited potential. Show this shot on your social media as it is or jazz it up with your own text or vector graphic – the possibilities are endless!

17. Waterfalls Look Best From Above

aerial view of a waterfall taken from a person's perspective

Your travel blog or IG will make a splash with this wonderful aerial image of a waterfall by Hayato Kawajiri.

18. Leave Followers Frozen in Their Tracks

aerial image of a glacier lagoon with icy white snow and blue water

With its visually arresting icy textures and deep blue hues, this aerial image of a glacier lagoon with icebergs by Curioso Photography can add some oomph to any project or profile.

19. Get Creative With Surrealistic Shots

abstract aerial image of an industrial area

This stunningly surrealistic shot of an industrial place from above by Curioso Photography can be used for anything you can dream of! Its crackle texture streaked with orange and brown hues can be used as a background for quotes or a filter for your own photographs.

20. Embrace the Journey

aerial image of a road dividing a forest of green pine trees

This lush forest shot of a lone road by Invisible Power is sure to fit into your feed if you  have a connection to nature, long drives, trees, snowy days or simply love shades of green.

21. Find Yourself Seaside

vertical aerial image of a beach with blue-green water full of people

What’s better than a selfie on the beach?! This incredible aerial image of people relaxing at the seaside is sure to outperform a selfie any day.

22. See Paris Illuminated From Space

satellite image of Paris from space showing the lights of the city shining brightly

Show a side of France’s capital that is rarely seen when you share this illuminated image of Paris from above.

23. Remember Beach Vibes Are Always Good Vibes

aerial image of sand meeting water

Whether you want to evoke the feeling of summer or need a simple but stunning shot to add your own message to, we have you covered with this minimalistic aerial image of a sandy beach.

24. Curate Your Feed By Color With This Blue Mountain View

aerial image of a Mountain View with strong blue tones

If blue is your favorite color or you want to curate a colorful feed, this aerial image of a blue mountain view by Julia Koehler is perfect for you. 

25. Discover Endless Possibilities With Abstract Aerials of Africa

aerial view of a landscape with shrubs and sand at a national park in Senegal, Africa

This aerial view of a mangrove forest in the Saloum Delta National Park, Joal Fadiout, Senegal by Curioso Photography has limitless potential. Whether you’re a travel blogger or just need something to make your social media platforms pop, this image can improve your aesthetic.