Roses are one of the most well known flowers, and are commonly featured on Valentine’s Day, weddings, and some other holidays around the world. Roses are symbolic of a variety of things, such as love and romance, beauty, democracy or freedom, and also have symbolism in religions such as Christianity and Islam.

From a biological point of view, roses are a perennial flower, consisting of over 100 species that range from single plants to vine-like structures and also shrubs. Roses are noted for their color and fragrance and are commonly cultivated by both amateur and professional flower growers.

I’ve assembled this collection to showcase some of the art, symbolism, and beauty of the rose.

Opposites attract by Wieteke de Kogel

overdue by Rob Porter

Cool rose by Bror Johansson

Rose by Olivier Maurin

Leather rose by Charles Earl

baroque rose by Simona Andrei

the rose by Michael Jakesz

Icy rose by Bror Johansson

A Splash of Rose by Anthony Chang

Ice Crystal by yume

They call me the wild rose by ViCOOLya ₰ Saida


Rose 2 by Peyman Az

A Rose by Wim Bolsens

THE KISS OF A ROSE by Magda indigo

Impetuosity by Stephan Andronache

Rose by Onur Gunar Guray

Piano Rose by Titanica

Black Rose by Ketmara

Red Rose by CrisisCorps

Rose by Mariquez

Roses by Haz Da Nikonian

Covered in Roses by thegardencottagebnb

Roses for loves by songglod

Rose within a Rose. 4 in 1 by min51

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