Instagram is a wonderful resource that has grown and grown to include material from a whole range of different fields and it now has uses that its creators would never have imagined it would receive. The ironic thing is that the app still functions as it was initially intended, as somewhere for people to share photos. Facebook, which now owns Instagram, had the ability to share photos but Instagram took that and made it their sole focus. So, sometimes it’s nice to look at photos on Instagram and to follow people using it for its original purpose. Let’s check out 10 photographers worth following.

Dirk Bakker (@macenzo)

Dirk Bakker

Dirk Bakker is a really talented designer and photographer living in Amsterdam. His eye for design extends to his photography where he captures fascinating architectural and biologic instances of design.

Emmanuel Lubezki (@chivexp)

Emmanuel Lubezki

Lubezki, known as Chivo, is one of the most decorated cinematographers of all time, with an incredible eye for visuals. His content ranges from photos he has taken on holiday to amazing on-set photography. “Chivo’s feed is well worth following if only to gain an insight into his genius”, says Harriet van Dyck, design blogger at Academized and StateOfWriting.

Victoria Siemer (@witchoria)

Victoria Siemer

Siemer has an extraordinarily individualistic approach to her photography, incorporating surreal and supernatural understandings of physics into otherwise standard landscape photography. Her photos contain people in poses that aren’t normally possible, making for very interesting viewing. For a taste of the wacky and wild, Witchoria is a great account to follow.

David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder)

David Guttenfelder

Guttenfelder is actually a professional photographer for the National Geographic as his day job. But he knows his medium so his Instagram, which features an extraordinary and diverse range of photos, is full of only smartphone snaps, which is a bit mindboggling when you take a look at the sort of amazing content that he has on his feed.

Terry Richardson (@terryrichardson)

Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson is one of those absolutely iconic photographers that anyone with any idea about photography, or even a passion for the lives of celebrities, will know. His work is startling but raw and he has an absolute treasure trove of iconic celebrity shoots, most of which feature himself alongside whoever he is shooting.

Janske Kaethoven (@Janske)

Janske Kaethoven

Kaethoven has an amazing range of photos in a variety of fields. The overall emphasis tends to be on nature photographs that feature an overarching sense of calm and serenity. If you follow this feed, you can expect to be transported to calming landscapes and quiet forests on a near daily basis.

The Swim Reaper (@iamtheswimreaper)

The Swim Reaper

This is a good one to follow for a bit of a laugh. This account features nice holiday pictures all of which have the account owner dressed in a disturbingly realistic grim reaper’s outfit. It’s a sort of satire of holiday pictures and a terrifying reminder of the presence of death, all rolled into one. What’s not to love!

Simone Bramante (@brahmino)

Simone Bramante

As a creative director and a photographer, Bramante has an Instagram to die for. Beautifully captured pictures which seem to evoke a story with only a single frame. “There is a deeply cinematic element to Bramante’s feed, something which it is impossible to draw your eyes away from. The stories pour out of the digital frame”, say Leah Goodwin, photography writer at Paper Fellows and Australian Help.

Richard Koci Hernandez (@Koci)

Richard Koci Hernandez

Hernandez brings a heavy monochrome outlook to the world, an individual style which has led to some truly amazing photographs. He is a Pulitzer-nominated photojournalist so you can guarantee that his work is of real quality.

Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana)

Kirsten Alana

Kirsten Alana is a travel photographer with a large following and an enormous range of destinations under her belt. Her photos capture beauty and elegance and all that means to people across the world.


With Instagram being as heavily adopted as it is, you won’t struggle to find an endless range of brilliant photographers with a whole load of interesting work. As a bonus, you’ll probably also learn a bit about them as people along the way. So get searching!

  • I am a newbie in Photography, since i followed the accounts mentioned, got to learn a lot from them and they are amazing, so is the post. Thanks.