Let me tell you something: city alleyways are probably one of my favorite places to look for new textures. It’s really no surprise, these towns that have been around for a century or two show so much character and where and tear that it shows through in the textures I’m able to spot. Sometimes I feel like each of my textures has a story to tell, and that’s never been more prominent than the ones that I capture from the dark, worn alleys. This set of five grungy textures should prove useful for incorporating into your designs, photos, and illustrations. Enjoy!

  • Awesome collection of textures, thanks for sharing

  • Very nice! These somehow go with this week being ‘Earth Week’. May as well ‘recycle’ an old object, even if it is an image, eh? LOL
    Thank you for sharing them!!

  • Thanks for sharing. These textures are really quite good.

  • Very nice collection of textures, thanks for sharing