On one of my “texture” walks I came upon this old and Rusty Chain down by the harbor that was used to anchor some old rubber tiers to a pole. What caught my eye was that the chain was so cracked with rust and corrosion that it looked like it was going to burst into pieces. I just knew that I had to take a few photos of it, and here’s the result.

Perhaps these images can be defined more as backgrounds rather than textures, but be sure that they can still add a really groovy mood to your designs. See for yourself.

Free Texture Friday – Rusty Chain

While a brand new chain of connected links can symbol security and power, these old, weathered and rusty ones can interpret the opposite. A weak link, eroded and deteriorated by time and rain, giving you a nice vintage and depressed mood.

A rusty chain texture has many uses, it can be used as a background image for websites and an element for your digital and printed design projects. If you use a lot of textures and stock photos in your work, you’ll be quick to find good use for these rusted chain images.

Please let me know if you like them by leaving a comment below. I’m always open to requests as well.
See you next Friday 🙂

Free Rusty Chain Textures

Free Rusty Chain Texture

Free Rusty Chain Texture

Free Rusty Chain Texture

Free Rusty Chain Texture

Free Rusty Chain Texture


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