This week I have a beautiful set of colorful grunge textures for you. These were created in Photoshop by combining many different texture images together in various blending layers. I then found a colorful photograph that I liked and overlayed it over the textures, blurred it using the gaussian blur filter and set the layer to overlay to achieve the final effect. I hope you like them!

Colorful Grunge Texture

Colorful Grunge Texture

Colorful Grunge Texture

Colorful Grunge Texture

Colorful Grunge Texture

  • Awesome textures Caleb!

  • Great looking textures. I’m looking forward to giving them a try on some portraits. Thanks for the post!

  • These are really beautiful! Do we just save them from here? (sorry don’t see any instructions, and I’m new to your site)

  • Sooooooo beautiful!

  • Hi
    I love your textures, they are excellent and I use them a lot. But why oh why isn’t there a download? Am I not seeing it? I have to click on each texture and save???

    But they are worth it. Thanks so much.

  • Yeah, guys. Just click the image and save the big one.

  • What is the license on these? Can I use them in a template?

  • Hi Caleb, thank you very much for sharing these awesome textures!

  • To Download:
    You can right-click and select “Save Link As”. The image doesn’t open up for you to copy, but, it goes into your hard drive the correct size. You never have to leave this page to save them. I know a lot of folks know this, but, I only found it about 6 months ago, so, maybe it’s news to someone else. LOL
    These are really cool! Love the coloring. It adds a lot!
    Thank you for taking such good care of your peeps, Caleb!

  • These are fantastic. In tough times, it is really great to find someone sharing some things for free. Thank you so much 🙂
    Kind Regards,