When most people think of icon design, they think of tiny little social media icons, or cliche iOS icons involving clouds or logos. But, these days, icons are used in so many applications and in various ways, so icon designers have to be cognizant of details and potential large vs small sizes.

Walking the balance of making icons look interesting and meaningful at small sizes, while also adding enough detail to make it realistic at larger sizes is part of the challenge of icon design.

In this post, you’ll find a selection of stunning high quality icon designs. The detail in these is incredible, but they also work perfectly as small size icons too!

Nikon Camera Icon by Gianluca Divisi

Early Birds by Stanislav Hristov

Boxing Glove App by Ramotion

Play by Play Icon by SoftFacade

Get Moving Icon by Artua

Villa Icon by Sant Valentin

Forklift Icons by nando

iQuarium by Hrvoje Bielen

Retro Camera Icon by Philipp Datz

Dashboard Icon by Artua

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