Graffiti is often viewed as a nuisance, or as defacement or vandalism of public property. However, graffiti is also a highly popular artistic style that has influenced everything from typography to t-shirt design.

These days, graffiti continues to thrive in urban environments where artists seek to leave their mark, but it’s also used for political purposes and social movements, as well as personal design.

Here’s some striking examples of graffiti art.

Oxy: Graffiti

Color in Forgotten Places by Peachbeach

Monkey Magic by Cruelvapours

Graffiti Work by Philip Bosmans

The Weird Travels by DXTR

Graffiti Art by endraum

Blue Graffiti Guy by cabeza1979

Walls by Przemek Blejzyk

Octopus by NEVERCREW

Hallenkunst in Chemnitz

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