Halloween is fast approaching, and most people are planning their parties and costumes well in advance. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays around the world, and parents are now getting ready to come up with cute and adorable costumes for their children.

But Halloween can also be a bit spookier, with monsters, scary creatures and deranged characters. Haunted houses and other scary scenarios are highly popular during Halloween, as most people enjoy a bit of a scare from time to time when it’s expected.

In this post, we’ll look at some spooky (and otherwise awesome) Halloween characters to get in the mood for the season:

Halloween by Simon Weaner

Halloween by Jonatan Navarette

CostumizeMe by Oleg Kostyuk

Halloween Flyer by Sufian Hakim

Halloween Pumpkin Patch by jerry8448

The Guardian by Rado Javor

Optical Illusions by Sven Sauer

The Pumpkin King by Rado Javor

Halloween by Sandara

Making Friends at Halloween by Erin McManness

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