Science fiction is one of the most popular genres in media around the world, and has spawned mega-hits ranging from Star Wars and Star Trek to Iron Man, Avatar, and classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Science fiction is what the name implies, fictional science where natural laws behave differently than in our universe, or where technologies and advancements exist that we simply haven’t come up with yet. It’s this ability to explore the uncharted and limitless possibilities, while still maintaining some connection to reality, that makes science fiction so appealing, and even helps it drive actual technological advancement.

Concept art is especially common for science fiction, as it’s hard to visualize technologies and environments that can’t or don’t exist in our world, and artists love to explore the possibilities:

Halo 4 by Gordon Waltho

Lost Planet 3 Teaser by emanshiu

Future War by Steve Burg

Avatar 2 by jonone

Monolith by Nick perrotta

Factory City by paperblue

Put It Down, Dr. Wayne by johnsonting

StrikeVector Hangar by pao

Aftermath by ESPj-o

Battletech Unseen Moon by Shimmering Sword

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