User interface design has risen to a whole new level with the surge in popularity in mobile apps. With huge marketplaces for the Android and the iPhone (and more devices upcoming), as well as web-specific apps that run using Flash, Adobe AIR and other emerging technologies, user interface designers have found a new niche to work in.

Because of the competition in the app marketplace, one of the best ways to get your app noticed (and to get people to buy it) is to have a great user interface design. Over at Dribbble, a lot of designers have been working on apps, so check out these pixel perfect UIs.

Dashboard v2 by Jonathan Moreira

Stap MacApp by I’mCharlie

CRM by David Cristian

Leaving From by Shaun Moynihan

Minilytics by Salvador Mendoza

Floom App by David Liberadzski

Activity by Farzad Ban

Groupie First Draft by Sebastien Gabriel

GMAIL by Justalab

Woodpad UI by Repixdesign

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