When people think about art, they often bring a preconceived notion of what that art will be, what it will consist of, and what medium it will use. But one of the great things about art is that there is room for creativity and it’s always possible to push the boundaries.

Sculpting is one of example of this. Most people assume sculpting is done out of clay or plaster, but it’s possible to create sculptures from other media, such as cardboard, paper, metals and more.

Here’s some mind blowing examples:

Hummingbird by Calvin Nicholls

Octopus by bronze4u

Wind Dance by Vladislav Barkovsky

Steady as She Goes by Likemindedstudio

Rain by Nazar Bilyk

Driftwood Horse by ghoff24

Veneer by Levi van Veluw

Darth Vader by Bellino Alain

Dragon by KimRhodes

The Branch by Bartek Elsner

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