Product design is a type of functional design that is particularly challenging. Although some would argue that all design must be functional, product design takes that a step further by adding numerous function and performance requirements where usability, productivity and usefulness becomes paramount.

Coming up with a new product is hard enough, but a unique product design can make a product memorable and help it gain a hold in a competitive marketplace. There are tons of emerging technologies where new products can be created, and even old markets still see new products as well. The key is for a useful product to be developed and to create an innovative product design to show the world the potential of the product.

From 3D printers to a new take on a toaster, more functional lamps, and an innovative software UI, here’s some innovative and unique designs for products you’d love to have.

Firrin Toaster

NoFlo Environment UI


Handy Nails

Bike Zone

Plug Lamp

Replicator 2 Maker Bot

S2 Water Purifier

Lapka Personal Environment Monitor

Stealth iPhone Case

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