Street art is one of the more popular art trends sweeping the globe. Although usually people consider street art to be sidewalk chalk, it can also include murals, graffiti and other street-based artworks. To an extent, most of us have experimented with street art, by playing with sidewalk chalk when we were younger.

But to create a truly eyecatching street artwork, you have to have artistic talent, skill with alternative media, a bit of luck and a great vision. With some paint or chalk, you can create all sorts of unique street art.

Here’s some eyecatching examples:

The Garage by Saturno AGS

3D Art by Jamie Lawrence

Bumblebee by Uniquefx

Walls 2 by YOK

Mural by Aleix Hostau


Magenta by Nevercrew

Brave Coast by Saturno AGS

Grim Tales by uniquefx

Walls 3 by YOK

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