When I look at digital paintings, I always look to see not only what artworks are executed well, but what artworks have a unique or original style. While there are many digital paintings that are flawlessly executed, many digital paintings and concept artworks begin to look the same after awhile.

A unique style or feel is what makes a digital painting truly stand out and creates a lasting, memorable impression.

Here’s some eye-catching digital paintings to inspire you to take a new approach or style:

Concept Art by Wei Weng

Hideout by MacRebisz

Blue Moon by David Fuhrer

Rooftop Stroll by JonasDeRo

Monster by Ars Thanea

Loki’s Children by Sandara

Gold Fish by Sakimichan

Dubai Ruins by JonasDeRo

Temple by Cristiano Sequiera

Yes, Tea by Oscar Ramos

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