Digital painting is used for everything from realistic and lifelike artworks to concept sketches and rough artworks. It brings the power of traditional painting and merges the editing and layering abilities of the digital world and is one of the fastest growing art forms in terms of popularity.

Overall, the same principles of art still hold in the digital painting realm, so creating artworks that are truly eyecatching is still quite a challenge.

So here I’ve selected some eyecatching and inspirational digital paintings for you to gawk at.

xxxl by GreyHues

Artwork by Wei Wang

Victorian Street Concept by StayinWonderland

MtG: Gift of Orzhova by algenpfleger

Yes, Tea by Oscar Ramos

Ravine by jjpeabody

No.1 by damlayegin

Gabriel by JonasDeRo

Twisted House by Gergely Gizella

Mage battle by sandara

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