There are so many small niche styles of design in the world, most people have never even heard of half of them. So today, I thought I’d expose you to a really unique style of digital art called pixel art. Pixel art is digital art created in raster graphics style, where each pixel is edited at the pixel level.

This style results in a blocky, artistic format that often resembles retro videogame art.

Of course, artists are quick to apply the style to new types of art. So, here’s some creative examples of pixel art:

Platform House by Bugpixel

Star Wars Pixel Posters by Michael Myers

Videogames vs Real Life by Aled Lewis

The Balance by buloght

Banana by Michal Sycz

Comic Book Pixel Posters by Michael Myers

In The Middle of Nowhere by Fool

Dude, Get Yourself a Ferry Ticket by Tom Schreiter

Colossal Katamari by Snake

Free Vectors

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