Fantasy artworks are incredibly popular as wallpapers, YouTube video backgrounds and book covers, along with a variety of other uses. Fantasy artworks are popular both among art enthusiasts, as well as the artists themselves, because they allow for situations or scenarios to be depicted that don’t exist in real life.

While still relying on fundamental principles of our universe, fantasy settings incorporate supernatural characters, environments and creatures to bring a whole new world to life.

Some of the most popular book, film and videogame franchises from the past century are based in fantasy settings, and they became popular by creating an immerse, engaging realm that draws you in. In this post, I’ve showcased some captivating fantasy artworks that do exactly that.

Final Battle by Grzegorz Rutkowski

The Duel by bpsola

Fantasy Scenes by Kun Yap

Cataclysm by 6kart

Gallery by Dimitar Tzvetanov

Blizzard Hearthstone by tully

Shadows by Chris Cold

The Hobbit: Wargs by Ben Mauro

Waterfall Tree by k04sk

Amfisbena by regnar3712

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