Halloween is taken in different directions by different people. For some, Halloween is a time to dress up in silly or cute costumes and take the identity of favorite characters while trick or treating. For others, particularly those on college campuses, Halloween is an excuse to dress up in the most provocative outfits imaginable. And for others, Halloween is about achieving the most gruesome, scary and disturbing appearance possible.

This last group is perhaps most in tune with the spirit of Halloween, capturing the horror and darkness of the holiday and evoking fear or terror from others. It’s also hard to achieve, as it requires a delicate balance of the gruesome and fearsome while also remaining tasteful and not getting too silly.

Here’s some of the bloody and gruesome Halloween costume designs from years past to get you ready for 2013:

Halloween Creepy Nurse by Robert Pfeuffer


Nightmare on Sesame Street by Harpyimages


Greusome Halloween by drunkndisorderly


Joker Self Portrait by Sam Bentley


Halloween Revisited by sayra


Halloween Two Face by Robert Pfeuffer


Zombie by Ryan Jett


Come to Freddy by deviantboss


In the Sick Ward by Allen Freeman


Bloody Zombie Girl by Bob Jagendorf


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