Well, it’s Halloween, which means that everyone is getting their costume ready, and all the pumpkins outside are lit up. When it comes to pumpkins, most people elect for just a simple ‘scary face’ pumpkin, but some artists are far more ambitious.

Here’s 30 awesome pumpkin carvings of iconic characters, peoples and other things.

WordPress by EricMartin

Finding Nemo by Norbini

Troll Face by Amita

Tiki Halloween by DatsEvolution

Transformers by st3rn1

WoW by Muddyrabbit

Gollum by Norbini

Linux by RobbyT

Werewolf by McGalio

Freddy Krueger by carnagevisors

Owl by vtgard

Forest Cottage by MasterpieceLost

Abduction by FordGT

Kiss by RJL20

The Joker by Guiness2

Ghost Ship by EngineerMike

Pumpkin Before Christmas by l-eh

Vampire by bellsandy

Space Invaders by GustavoG

Death Star by dafaba

How to Train Your Dragon by Nemesis 19

Cat by wxmom

Lord of the Rings by EngineerMike

Iron Maiden Eddie by zolton

Iwo Jima by Jay Que

Sleepy Hollow by TiggerGirl

Mario by rakka

Tom and Jerry by sage_82

Spiderman by pumpken

Jesus by wintermute23