Matte painting is a highly challenging field of digital art that combines 3D graphics, digital painting, and photographic references to create realistic works of art for videogames, film and TV. The technique of matte painting dates back to The Wizard of Oz, where multiple layers of glass panes were painted and layered on each other, but it’s advanced significantly since then.

Although the goal of matte painting is usually to get a realistic and lifelike scene, it is possible to add an artistic or creative feel to it. As long as the lighting is done properly, almost anything can look relatively realistic.

Here’s some artistic examples of matte painting that show how originality and an artistic touch can be added to matte paintings.

Alone on the Road by Grivetart

Arche by a13shade

Hello World by Dimms

The Alley by SimonWeaner

Conan the Barbarian Web by Ignition Interactive

Film/TV Work by Wayne Haag

The Passage by Dave-DK

MTV Rocks by Wieger Poutsma

Aurora Rising by fcmacmanus

Siberia by KingjamesUK

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