Fractals are math-based patterns that look similar both from distance and up close. They can either repeat at the same scale or different scales, and the definition of fractals has been stretched largely due to popular culture and fractal-modeling tools that allow users to create geometric patterns or time-based patterns that resemble fractals, regardless of meeting all the formal criteria.

Fractals are especially popular in computer-generated art, as they are capable of creating interesting and colorful artworks, as well as in terrain and landscape generation in programs like e-on Vue.

Below, you’ll find a showcase of some especially clever and artistic fractal creations:

Temple of Honor by bib993

3D Fractal Flowers by Chiara Biancheri

The Silhouette by Jeddaka

Wonderful Life by C-91

Links by Tatiana Plakhova

Mandeloculars by Chaotic Atmospheres

ErosiveRevelation by MarkJayBee

Feng Ying Po Suo by Chiara Biancheri

Lost Treasures by C-91

Boldly Go by GrahamSym

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