Science fiction has often been a major driver in the development of technology, and vice-versa. Many of the incredible, sci-fi creations of the past century have come to fruition, such as wearable computers, self-driving cars, and even artificial organs.

One of the major concepts in science fiction is that of cyborgs, or cybernetic organisms. Cyborgs are beings that contain both organic and cybernetic parts, such as a human that has biomaterials and bioelectronics. While it may seem like a distant, far-fetched reality, cyborgs are actually already among us, if you count those with prosthetic limbs, artificial tissue and other modern developments.

Still, we’re a ways away from the perfect fusion of man and machine, but that doesn’t stop artists from depicting how they see it, as demonstrated with these futuristic and sexy cyborgs.

Dreaming of life by Olaf Giermann

Cyborg by Monsterkatze

Porcelain Cyborg byElliott.G. Montello

cyberdyne by Mardy Photography

Cyborg Medusa by EaKoNe

Female Cyborg III – Electric by Enn

Cyber Marine by Stanislav Istratov

Cyborg by Massimiliano Clari

Cyborg by krolike

***by Vitaly Chudnov

Nicole the Sexy Cyborg by Daniel Mcleod

sexy cyborg by upgraded

sexy cyborg by aryasatya

Cyborg Sexy by Ellendir Khandr MMV 2012 Miss Costa Rica

Cyber Organism by acidburn08

Cristine Reyes Cyborg By haripater

Cyborg by Shopjob

Sexy Modern Robot By Indie Girl PhotoDotCom

badluckkitty cyborg by vinzdream2006

Binary Concubine by`conzpiracy

Sexy Cyborg by DinniDhien

Bionic Babe by Coltography

Robot Series by Indie Girl

AmalgaMATE 3 by MichaelO

Joliedroid by Coltography

Cyborg by Ashleykursey

Cyborg by toxicRock

Cyber by RedTriangleStudios

cyborg megan fox by pumpkinzhateoriginal

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