Free Coffee Stock Photos – 30 Aromatic Examples

I love the smell of newly brewed coffee in the morning, it’s what makes my day. If you are anything like me you get a little kick out of looking at quality photographs of coffee. Yes, I know you’re here for the free coffee stock photos so I guess we share the same interest for design and photography.

Unless you are (or know) a coffee barista, photographing really good looking cups of coffee is pretty hard. You might have snapped a few shorts on your phone sitting in a cafe and posted it on social media, but what about those really nice looking coffee photos that you see on the internet.

How did he get that really moody shot of his coffee with his iPhone? Most likely he didn’t use his phone, but a larger camera with a good lens. There are a lot of great articles on how to take good coffee photos online and with a quick search in Google I found “5 Steps to Taking Eye-Popping Coffee Photos“.

In this post I have hand picked 30 coffee stock photos that I liked. Whether it’s a background of roasted coffee beans or a stack of cups, they are coffee related and should be very useful when you need coffee in your work.

Have any of your own? Please consider uploading them to our gallery, we always need more images of coffee!

Morning glory – A delicious coffee

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Free Money Stock Photos – 20 Ka-ching! Examples

Most bloggers, photographers and designers have needed images of money at some point in their carrier, and as you might know there’s plenty of really nice free money stock photos online. Euros, Dollars, Kroner or Yens, there’s always been a demand for financial related imagery.

The problem with typical money stock photos are that sometimes they are a bit cheesy, but with so many new and fresh photographers contributing to the stock photo community there is no shortage of really good images.

In this post I have picked out 20 different images of money that you can download and use for your future projects. Most of them are of dollars and euros, but they’re the most popular ones anyway. If you are a photographer and would like to add your own currency to the mix, you’re more than welcome to sign up and upload your money photos to our gallery.

Money house

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Free Abstract Stock Photos – 30 Random Examples

Abstract photography and design may seem like a one big mess to the untrained eye, but is in fact often a masterfully crafted mix of colors, shapes and textures. As these free abstract stock photos that I have hand picked from our gallery show you, there are many different ways to archive an abstract and random effect.

If you are unfamiliar with the term abstract in photography, subjects such as light-painting, patterns, blurry images, smoke and bokeh will give you a good idea on the term. You can also create abstract designs using a 3D rendering software or an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop.

I have tried to select a variety of different abstract stock photos to show you what can be done with abstract subjects and maybe you will get some inspiration to create abstract artwork. It’s really a fun way to get those artistic juices flowing and a step closer to creating that next masterpiece. I hope you enjoy this post!

Wavy Colorful Background – Abstract Pattern

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Free Water Stock Photos – 20 Thirst Quenching Examples

Capturing water can be a tricky thing to master, but with the right setup it’s not that hard. For close-ups a good natural light source and a macro lens will do the trick. And you can create free water stock photos like the ones below with ease. However, photographic moving water is a bit different where you have to freeze motion with a fast shutter speed. If you have insufficient light just turn up the ISO a bit.

If you’re new to photography and want to learn how to create good looking photos of water, waterfalls, oceans or landscapes check out this tutorial by Digital Photography School; 5 Tips on Photographing Water. I’m sure you can pick up a few things from that article.

The free water photos I’ve picked out for this post are mostly macro images showing close-ups of splashing water and droplets. Although some are more like photos for drink advertisements, which is good because they often come in handy when you need to whip up a poster or need an image for a blog post. Either way, I hope you get inspired to create something awesome with water!


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Free Landscape Stock Photos – 30 Awesome Examples

Creating eye-catching and awesome landscape photos is not an easy thing to master. Yet so many photographers dish out mind-blowing images for us to enjoy and be inspired by. In this post I have hand picked 30 free landscape stock photos from our gallery to show you what Stockvault has to offer those who don’t have the time, equipment or surroundings to create their own landscape images.

Nature landscape photography has the power to bring us to new places in the world and experience mother nature in a whole new way. They show us nature in a perfect setting and lighting, creating mysterious and dreamy images. I hope you get inspired by the stock photos below, either to start shooting your own landscape photos or by create something beautiful from them.

Kruger Park Landscape – Winter Blue

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Free Flower Stock Photos – 30 Blooming Examples

Everybody loves flowers and now when the summer is over our photographers are submitting beautiful photos of flowers in bloom, red roses, vivid tulips and other colorful flora. We have thousands of free flower stock photos to choose from, making it very hard to select only 30 images for this post.

Flower photos are always popular as stock photos because they add beauty and colors to our designs. Photographing flowers is also very rewarding and easy to master, whether it’s shooting wildflowers, store bought flowers or the pot plant from your kitchen window.

Photographing flowers isn’t hard, but if you want to create extraordinary images you need to understand the technical side of things and have the right equipment. I recommend the Photo Nuts & Gear eBook ($19) by Digital Photography School, as it teaches you how to use your camera and gear to the max.

Purple Roses

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How BigStock Became a Close Friend

How BigStock Became a Close Friend

Having a multi-tasked life is really a joy. I love doing photography, and luckily I’ve stumbled into the highroad of being a photography writer. Not all my images are suited for some of the articles I write; therefore I’m always on the pursuit of engaging photographs that can efficiently illustrate my ideas.

Photography and Writing is a big part of my freelancing activities, but on my fixed job behind the operation seat of a Web Developing and Branding Solutions Studio I have found that engaging content is crucial for our success. Presenting demo sites to our clients is easier when we can show almost-finished websites with images that are keen to our client’s businesses. We are living in a visual culture, in which gray boxes and death text are not easily understood by our clients.

BigStock 7 Day Free Trial

As an aesthetic enthusiast, I have found that the offer of BigStock is pretty amazing. Their content is fresh and bold. I’ve been using it for a while now and their 7 day free trial was perfect for convincing me to take the pro offer.

BigStock  BigStock

The big problem I’ve had on the past with stock photos is that I can easily find many diverse websites and social media content working with the same images. This has frustrated me a lot, but thankfully a friend of mine recommended me to try BigStock. With their non-stop growing repertoire of content (almost 50 million stock photos, videos and vectors now) I have surpassed that prejudice of not working with stock imagery.

BigStock is a subscription-based service that starts at $79/month and gives you access to 5 daily images. That is 150 images a month at a rate of $0.53 per archive. I have tried other stock services that are $10/image, and are crowded with burned content. In your trial with BigStock you can access to 35 royalty-free stock images total in the 7 days for your commercial use.

Stop risking yours and your clients business with outdated images that can easily be found from retail stores to call center job recruiting ads. BigStock is great for web developers, designers of all sorts, and even Social Media content managing agencies. We all deserve to have high-quality images for our digital projects. BigStock is crowded with amazing photographers that are always pushing harder to make images that will leave a deeper impression in your mind.

Bigstock 7 Day Trial

BigStock is the best way to lower your operation costs. With their offer you’ll be able to download real high-quality content in no time. And the best of all, BigStock provides you with royalty-free licensed assets, so you can use your downloads carefree, for almost any purpose.

Remember that a single image is more valuable than thousands of text words. Take no risks with their Amazing Trial Offer, and you’ll have 7 days (35 images) to really get a taste of how working with low-cost and fresh content is possible indeed.

Free Food Stock Photos – 30 Tasty Examples

Food photography is very popular and the demand for free food stock photos has never been higher. Photographing food can be very tricky for beginners as ingredients, lighting and camera angle play a huge part in creating appealing images that are worthy of publishing.

Creating quality food photos requires training, and if you set up with a good camera you can find really good information online on how to set up lighting. Check out this tutorial on 11 Quick Food Photography Tips to Make Mouth Watering Images, it should cover the basics and help you get started.

If you’re not a photographer and you might need a food photo for your blog post or an advertisement that you’re designing, sometimes you don’t have a budget to hire a professional photographer. That’s where free stock photos come in handy. There are plenty of great free food stock photos online and we have over 6.500 images related to food and drink photography alone.

In this post I have collected 30 images of food from our free image gallery. They vary from raw ingredients, fruits and vegetables to cooked meals. I hope you find some images worth downloading.

Spicy Seafood Salad

Spicy Seafood Salad | Free Food Stock Photos

Yogurt with superfood granola

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Free Summer Stock Photos – 20 Vivid Examples

Summer is the season of colors, warmth and holidays with sunny beaches and cold cocktails. Trees, plants and flowers come to life, and the smell in the air changes to a fresh scent of floral goodness. It’s the season where you need free summer stock photos to go along with your blog posts, website headers and print posters.

Summer stock photos are something that we have in the hundreds, or even thousands. Macro images of blooming flowers, fresh grass and tiny insects. Romantic photos of people at the beach, enjoying a swim in the sea or relaxing beside the pool. Dreamy landscapes with nature showing it’s finest summer colors.

In this post I have collected 20 different images from our users that represent summer and all that comes with it.

A romantic couple enjoying the sunset

A romantic couple enjoying the sunset - Free Summer Stock PhotosContinue Reading this Post

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