Free Abstract Backgrounds – 30 Interesting Examples

Abstract background images are a highly useful element in both graphic- and webdesign. You can use them to make your design come alive, add modern style to your images and add an interesting perspective and focus to your artwork. While there is an abundant of free abstract backgrounds to be found online, one can easily spend hours searching for the right one.

As a designer myself, I know how valuable a good background image is. I also know that by collecting images on a regular basis and saving them to my computer I can save a lot of time when I need a specific type of background. Especially around the holiday time when I have customers asking for header images and Facebook covers every other week.

In this post I have collected 30 interesting examples of abstract backgrounds found on, you’re free to download them all for future projects and if you need more, check out our main stock photo gallery for some impressive free images.

Bokeh Fire Forest Road

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Free Technology Stock Photos – 30 High Tech Examples

Technology and science in photography are indeed a popular subject for both the professional and hobby photographer. The popularity of free technology stock photos is as high as ever with a fantastic range of images including people using digital equipment to closeups of hardware and other high-tech objects.

Computer images and smartphone closeups are some of the most popular ones when it comes to tech photos, but everyday life images of people using tech are also high on the list. It’s the digital age we live in that makes these kind of images sought after and desirable for designers and artists. High-tech abstract background illustrations are also one of the most bought images on the internet today, as they fit well with the current trends.

Here at Stockvault we have thousands of images related to technology, both digital and mechanical. Below I have selected 30 various tech images that might come in handy for your future projects. You can also search our site for a bigger variety to download. Enjoy!

Forest Workplace

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Free Winter Stock Photos – 25 Freezing Examples

Winter is coming! Well, at least here in Iceland it’s getting colder by the day and we’ve already had some snow and freezing temperatures. With that in mind it’s very appropriate to showcase a selection of free winter stock photos, nordic style.

Some of you might not get snow in the winter where you live (you lucky ducks), but here in the north we have pretty long winters with snow and ice. There’s nothing more beautiful than mountainous landscape covered with a white blanket of snow. Especially here in Iceland (see pretty pictures) where millions of tourists visit every year to photograph the winter landscape.

Anyway, I’ve collected some really nice and fun winter images that you can use for your blog posts or projects that require such images. I hope you like them, and if you’re a photographer and want to share your own photos, sign up and upload your photos here. Cheers!

Snow Storm

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Free Spooky Stock Photos – 30 Creepy Examples

With only a few days until Halloween I’ve collected a set of 30 free spooky stock photos from our gallery that might come in handy. Haunted houses, abandoned buildings and dark corridors are really creepy and can suit as background for your halloween themed artwork.

You can use them to create horrific graphics, invitations, posters and websites. Or use them as they are if you’re running out of time. Hopefully they can save you some time or give you inspiration for your next design, Helloween related or not. Remember to check out the license info for each stock photo as some of them are for personal use only. Don’t worry, many are free for commercial usage as well.

Happy Halloween!

Church Spirits

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Free Grunge Backgrounds – 70 Gritty Examples

With Halloween around the corner I thought it was appropriate to hand pick a selection of free grunge backgrounds from our texture gallery. With over 11.000 textures in our gallery, there is plenty to choose from. Unfortunately I had to limit the blog post to 70 textures, but that’s plenty to get you started.

Grunge backgrounds are usually weathered materials such as wood, metal and concrete that have been subjected to the elements for a long period of time. They are perfect for creating gritty effects to your designs.

There are many uses for images like this. You can use them for your flyers and cards by adding text on top of them, use them as overlays in your photography or as a website background or header.

Corroded Chain Texture

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Free Work Stock Photos – 35 Effective Examples

Having a steady job and responsibilities whether it’s at a workplace or at home is what gives us purpose in life and something to occupy our time. In this post I’ve hand picked 35 free work stock photos of people engaged in work related activities that might be useful to your own work, if you’re into advertising, blogging or design.

The definition of the word work is an activity that a person engages in regularly to earn a livelihood. It also represents a specific task, duty, function, or assignment often being a part or phase of some larger activity.

You might be between jobs, out of work, or need a specific job done for you. But you’re most likely here because you need a photo of someone working so you can do your job, or even help you get a job. In either case, enjoy the images and have a great day.

Fisherman cast net

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Free Halloween Stock Photos – 30 Scary Examples

With Halloween only about a month away it’s time to get cracking on those invitations, posters and flyers. Also, don’t forget to find great free Halloween stock photos for the website and the blog. For some of us that work in the design field, this sounds familiar.

It’s the time of year that many of us are looking forward to. The autumn leafs have start falling and the greens are turning into orange and yellow. Kids get to dress up in costumes to go trick-or-treating and attend costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, visiting haunted houses and watch horror movies.

Visual graphics are a huge part of Halloween and for your inspiration and convenience I have collected 30 great Halloween pictures to download from our gallery. We do have many, many more in our Halloween images category, plus we have some great blog posts about Halloween with inspiration and freebies.

Witch House

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Free Concept Stock Photos – 30 Creative Examples

In this post I have selected 30 free concept stock photos from our gallery to show you how brilliant these images can be. In case you are not familiar with this genre of photography, here’s a short explanation of the term.

Conceptual photography and artwork is when the photographer / artist tries to convay a message or a concept with his image. You might have heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words“, right? That’s exactly what conceptual images do.

Some of these images can hold a very powerful message and that’s what makes concept stock photos so very popular in the advertising business. Hopefully you’ll get inspired to create your own images or find an image that you can use for your next project.

Red umbrella mingling with grey umbrellas – Be different concept

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Free Coffee Stock Photos – 30 Aromatic Examples

I love the smell of newly brewed coffee in the morning, it’s what makes my day. If you are anything like me you get a little kick out of looking at quality photographs of coffee. Yes, I know you’re here for the free coffee stock photos so I guess we share the same interest for design and photography.

Unless you are (or know) a coffee barista, photographing really good looking cups of coffee is pretty hard. You might have snapped a few shorts on your phone sitting in a cafe and posted it on social media, but what about those really nice looking coffee photos that you see on the internet.

How did he get that really moody shot of his coffee with his iPhone? Most likely he didn’t use his phone, but a larger camera with a good lens. There are a lot of great articles on how to take good coffee photos online and with a quick search in Google I found “5 Steps to Taking Eye-Popping Coffee Photos“.

In this post I have hand picked 30 coffee stock photos that I liked. Whether it’s a background of roasted coffee beans or a stack of cups, they are coffee related and should be very useful when you need coffee in your work.

Have any of your own? Please consider uploading them to our gallery, we always need more images of coffee!

Morning glory – A delicious coffee

Free Stock Photo of Morning glory - A delicious coffeeContinue Reading this Post

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