Free Texture Friday – Vintage Basalt Rock

Today’s set of textures contains six really nice vintage basalt rock textures from rock formations by the mountain Hvalnesfjall in east part of Iceland, around 400km from the capital Reykjavik. It’s a beautiful area with the views of Vestrahorn near Höfn í Hornafirði on one side and the steep mountainside on the other side with the main road in between. It’s a lovely place to stop if you are driving the main road around the island.

Basalt is a dark-colored, fine-grained, igneous rock composed mainly of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. It most commonly forms as an extrusive rock, such as a lava flow, but can also form in small intrusive bodies, such as an igneous dike or a thin sill. Basalt underlies more of Earth’s surface than any other rock type. Most areas within Earth’s ocean basins are underlain by basalt. Although basalt is much less common on continents, lava flows and flood basalts underlie several percent of Earth’s land surface. Basalt is a very important rock.

I found these rock formations to be interesting because they look a lot like layered or sedimentary material, with small pieces of rock being loose or broken off. As both overlays and stand-alone backgrounds, I’m pretty sure that these textures will be great to add a little vintage feeling to your work.

As the year 2016 is coming to an end I would like to thank you for visiting Stockvault and downloading our free images and textures. 2017 is going to be a great year with lot’s of new freebies and designs. Happy New Year!

Free Vintage Basalt Rock Textures

Free Vintage Basalt Rock Textures (more…)

Free Texture Friday – Washed Out Blue Concrete

With the Christmas Holidays coming up, you might already be done with school this year, or it’s vacation time from work. Nevertheless, it’s the time we spend with our family and loved ones, or as I do, catch up on my Photography and Photoshop work. And therefore, I have prepared a large set of 8 washed out blue concrete textures that you can download and experiment with over the Holidays.

The textures come from an old abandoned naval WW2 airfield called Patterson which was operational in the years 1942 – 1944. I’ve posted many sets of textures from that place before, as it’s been left standing for all these years.

This particular set comes from the concrete foundation of the so-called Ammo Igloos, which were used to storage ammo for fighter airplanes and look a lot like Hardened Aircraft Shelters. You can see how the look at the bottom of this post.

After over 70 years these structures are really great when it comes to finding and photographing textures. The elements have taken their toll on everything, the metal, wood and concrete walls are washed out, rotten and rusted, making this a great place to visit.

Enjoy, and I hope you find good use for them. Happy Holidays!

Free Washed Out Blue Concrete Textures

Free Washed Out Blue Concrete Textures (more…)

Free Texture Friday – Vintage Rock

Today I have a brand new set of 8 vintage rock textures from these massive boulders down by the ocean at the south-west coast of Iceland. These are somewhat related to my previous set from September; Golden Rocks, as the images are from the same area.

Free Vintage Rock Textures

Iceland is known for it’s folklore and tales of elves and fairies. Many Icelanders believe that these “hidden people”, called Huldufolk in Icelandic, live in some of these large lava rocks. Even today building projects are sometimes altered to prevent damaging the rocks where the Huldufolk are believed to live. Damaging the rocks would mean a really bad omen for all persons involved. Source: Wikipedia

As I explained in the Golden Rocks post, the majority of rocks in Iceland are volcanic rocks because of it’s young age of only 20 million years. The ones posted today have been battered by the ocean for probably thousands of years, carving them and re-shaping into what they are today. Some of them are covered in tiny seashells and other sea creatures have burrowed themselves into the rock which explains all the small holes in the stone surface. As a result I think they have great diversity for usage as backgrounds, banners and overlays.

These vintage rock textures are large in size, around 20Mb per image, Enjoy! (more…)

Free Texture Friday – Rusty Chain

On one of my “texture” walks I came upon this old and Rusty Chain down by the harbor that was used to anchor some old rubber tiers to a pole. What caught my eye was that the chain was so cracked with rust and corrosion that it looked like it was going to burst into pieces. I just knew that I had to take a few photos of it, and here’s the result.

Perhaps these images can be defined more as backgrounds rather than textures, but be sure that they can still add a really groovy mood to your designs. See for yourself.

Free Texture Friday – Rusty Chain

While a brand new chain of connected links can symbol security and power, these old, weathered and rusty ones can interpret the opposite. A weak link, eroded and deteriorated by time and rain, giving you a nice vintage and depressed mood.

A rusty chain texture has many uses, it can be used as a background image for websites and an element for your digital and printed design projects. If you use a lot of textures and stock photos in your work, you’ll be quick to find good use for these rusted chain images.

Please let me know if you like them by leaving a comment below. I’m always open to requests as well.
See you next Friday 🙂 (more…)

Free Texture Friday – Grunge Black Wall 3

I’m back with another set of black grunge wall textures. These textures are from the same collection as Grunge Black Wall Vol #1 and Vol #2, but even more black and grungy.

Free Texture Friday – Grunge Black Wall 3

These textures come from an old local fish processing factory that partly burned down in 1983. A part of it was never restored and recently the town officials decided it was time to tear it down, exposing the old black sooted walls that have been left untouched since the 80’s.

Grunge Textures are very good to use when you need to create a dark and vintage atmosphere in your designs and photographs. Using them as overlays in Photoshop like in this video tutorial allows you to create endless effects and unique designs/photographs for yourself and your clients.

As always, the textures are free for personal and commercial projects. Enjoy! (more…)

Free Texture Friday – Green Grunge

Today’s set of textures dedicated to a request I got from one of our visitors; ‘A simple vintage texture with green or mint color’. These green grunge textures are actually created with old paper textures, concrete backgrounds, wood splinters and rusted metal textures that are a part of my private collection.

Free Texture Friday – Green Grunge

I used Adobe Photoshop to blend the images together using layer modes and transparency and then added a Hue/Saturation layer at the top to create the green color effect. With all these different textures blended I got some very interesting outcomes, my favorites being the first and last texture below.

It was loads of fun creating a set of textures by demand, I really enjoyed it and I hope you like them. If you have any cool ideas for a set, feel free to post requests in the comment section. Enjoy and have a great weekend! (more…)

Free Texture Friday – Peeled Paint on Wood

Free Texture Friday – Peeled Paint on Wood

Another week, another set of free peeled paint wood textures for your arsenal.
This week I have a nice wooden surface with peeled paint, dirt, grunge and ton of details. The textures are from an old fishing boat, the same one that brought us Gritty Wood Textures (Vol 2) and Grunge Painted Wood (Vol 2) back in late 2015. I’m not re-using any previous posted textures, just going through my archive and posting great textures that I forgot about and want to share with you 🙂

The free textures I’m posting today are a bit different from the ones I link to above. That’s because I did some “more than usual” post-processing work on them in both Lightroom and Photoshop, trying to get a unique and special dark(ish) and grunge effect. I’m always trying out new presets in Lightroom. Sometimes I stumble upon a great one that I can apply without any further work, and other times I have to tweak the settings until I’m happy with the result of the textures.

I hope you like them, happy downloading! (more…)

Free Texture Friday – Old Rock Wall

Today’s set of free old rock wall textures are from an old Icelandic farmstead called Gunnarshus, located in Skriduklaustur, North of Iceland. I visited that place last summer on my trip around Iceland. It was the home of famous Icelandic author Gunnar Gunnarsson, built in 1939 and designed by German architect Fritz Höger.

Today the house serves as a museum for Gunnarsson, including a small and cosy cafe. The house was built according to German standards with cement, rocks and timber beams, making it stand out as grander and sturdier than other local houses from that time period in Iceland.

The walls have been very well maintained over the years and the cement obviously painted frequently giving the textures a very fine and clean finish. I hope you like them and can find some use for them. At least you can download them and save them for later use. Enjoy!

Free Old Rock Wall Textures

Free Stone Wall Texture (more…)

Free Texture Friday – Gritty Wood 2

About a year ago I posted a set of really cool grungy and gritty wood textures titled Gritty Wood. I was browsing through some of my older texture shoots in Lightroom when I happened to see these and noticed that I only posted one set from this series. I must have forgotten about them or had plenty of other textures to choose from at the time. Anyway, these are fantastically awesome, as in grungy and nasty, haha!

Free Texture Friday – Gritty Wood 2

They actually come from an old wooden fishing boat that must have been toed to shore and scrapped. The paint is peeled and shows many layers of old paint underneath, with the rotting wood underneath it all. It won’t get any better than this folks. Tons of great detail and the fainted colors of the paint layers underneath is really something.

If you’re new to textures, you should know that they are great for creating a grunge and vintage effect in your photos and design. You can blend them with your design using Adobe Photoshop or a similar graphic editing program. Or you can use them as backgrounds on your website, design, or just about everything.

I might even post one or two more sets in the future, but these 6 HQ textures will do for now. Have a nice one and enjoy! (more…)

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