Free Black and White Rock Textures

Hey guys, today I have a brand new set of 5 high quality black and white rock textures filled with great details and contrast. The textures are around 10Mb each and I shot them with my 100mm macro lens which creates a very interesting depth of field.

Black and white textures are favorites because you can apply them to almost any design. You can also lay them on-top of most photographs with really cool vintage and worn effect. I think this rock/mineral is called Jasper. It was originally light brown in color, but I didn’t like it and made it black and white in post-processing along with some curves and contrast adjustments.

As always you are free to use them commercially, and if you want them all you can download them via the Dropbox link at the bottom of the post. Enjoy the free textures!

Free Black and White Rock Textures

Free Black and White Rock Textures (more…)

Free Flower Stock Photos – 30 Blooming Examples

Everybody loves flowers and now when the summer is over our photographers are submitting beautiful photos of flowers in bloom, red roses, vivid tulips and other colorful flora. We have thousands of free flower stock photos to choose from, making it very hard to select only 30 images for this post.

Flower photos are always popular as stock photos because they add beauty and colors to our designs. Photographing flowers is also very rewarding and easy to master, whether it’s shooting wildflowers, store bought flowers or the pot plant from your kitchen window.

Photographing flowers isn’t hard, but if you want to create extraordinary images you need to understand the technical side of things and have the right equipment. I recommend the Photo Nuts & Gear eBook ($19) by Digital Photography School, as it teaches you how to use your camera and gear to the max.

Purple Roses

Free Stock Photo of Purple Roses (more…)

Free Colorful Stone Textures

Today I have a brand new set of colorful stone textures from my trip to Iceland’s biggest stone collection at Stodvarfjordur. This set consists of five images of a eye-catching stone called Jasper, which can be found in abundance throughout the island. The Jasper comes in many colors, with this spectacular specimen colored red and blue.

Jasper is an opaque form of Chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline variety of the mineral Quartz. It often contains an abundance of impurities, and therefore some regard it as a rock instead of a mineral. Jasper is usually associated with brown, yellow, or reddish colors, but may be used to describe other opaque colors of Chalcedony such as dark or mottled green and orange.

I hope you can find good use for these textures in your future designs. As before, you can download all the images in one file from Dropbox at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Free Colorful Stone Textures

Free Colorful Stone Textures (more…)

Free Blue Crystal Textures

A few weeks ago I went travelling around Iceland and made a stop at the islands biggest rock collection at the small town of Stodvarfjordur. It’s called Petra’s Stone Collection and includes thousands of local stones and rocks, some of them incredible. I really wanted to photograph them all, but I did manage to get through a huge chunk of rocks 🙂 So this week I have a brand new set of blue crystal textures from Icelandic quartz.

Armed with my 50mm Macro lens, I started taking photos of the biggest stones, just to make sure that a good deal of the surface would be in focus. The closer you get, the less area you can focus on, creating a very shallow depth of field. If you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about, there’s a great tutorial here that explains DoF.

The raw images were a little blend, so I sharpened them up a little bit and added a blue shade to them. I’m pretty sure they will be a great addition to any texture arsenal, and I will definitely be posting some very interesting and unique stone and rock textures in the coming weeks and months.

Download Free Blue Crystal Textures

Free Blue Crystal Textures (more…)

Free Lava Rock Textures

Hey guys, today I’ve uploaded a new set of lava textures from my recent trip to Reykjanes Peninsula, the same area which I posted lava rock textures from couple of weeks ago. This area is the most youngest part of Iceland, covered with lava fields, lava tubes, rifts and hot springs.

The Reykjanes Peninsula is a continuation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which rises from the sea at the very tip of the peninsula and diagonally crosses Iceland from the south-west to the north-east. You can read the area’s geological history several hundred thousand years back in time, although most of the strata are less than 100–200 thousand years old. The last series of eruptions on the Reykjanes Peninsula began around AD 1000 and ended 250 years later.

The 5 textures I’m posting today are from the lava fields, a dark and sharp rock sometimes covered in moss or black sand. They are really detailed and abstract making them interesting to use as background and overlays. You can use them for both personal and commercial projects, and if you want to download them all just grab the ZIP file at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Download Free Lava Rock Textures

Free Lava Rock Textures (more…)

Free Rock Formation Textures

Today’s set of textures are from a place called Hellnar located at Snæfellsnes Peninsula in West-Iceland. It’s a magical place with the breathtaking beauty of Snæfellsjökull glacier in the background. Down by the sea there’s a small cafe and a small rocky beach with tall cliffs, and they are the source of the free rock formation textures I’m posting below.

Amongst the rock formations there’s a protruding rock with a huge opening called Valasnös (see photo), you can walk all the way up to it if the tide is low.

These rock formations are a bit similar to columns, but not as clean-cut. It’s like layers upon layers of rock which creates a really interesting dynamic. I’m very happy with these textures and I’ve only desaturated them to create a more black and white finish. You can expect a few more of these sets in the near future.

As before, the textures are free for commercial and personal usage. Please add them to your texture arsenal either by downloading them by clicking each preview image, or download them all in a ZIP file at the bottom of this post. Enjoy, and please let me know if you like them!

Download Free Rock Formation Textures

Free Rock Formation Textures (more…)

Free Volcanic Lava Textures

Living in Iceland I’m lucky enough to have vast lava fields only a few minutes drive from home. Last night we had clear skies and the sun had been shining all day. The plan was to drive up to Reykjanes Peninsula and shoot some photos of the sunset, but instead I found myself walking in the lava fields shooting downwards most of the time. The result is a brand new set of free volcanic lava textures that are both dark and filled with details.

It was getting pretty dark, so I had to increase the ISO on my camera. Although the lack of light resulted in darker photos, I think that’s fine, since these kind of textures are always better when darker. You can still see all the details and I kept all post-processing to minimal. I hope you can use them for something cool, play around with them to create something unique.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and associates. I will post more lava textures from this trip very soon, enjoy!

Download Free Volcanic Lava Textures

Free Volcanic Lava Textures (more…)

How BigStock Became a Close Friend

How BigStock Became a Close Friend

Having a multi-tasked life is really a joy. I love doing photography, and luckily I’ve stumbled into the highroad of being a photography writer. Not all my images are suited for some of the articles I write; therefore I’m always on the pursuit of engaging photographs that can efficiently illustrate my ideas.

Photography and Writing is a big part of my freelancing activities, but on my fixed job behind the operation seat of a Web Developing and Branding Solutions Studio I have found that engaging content is crucial for our success. Presenting demo sites to our clients is easier when we can show almost-finished websites with images that are keen to our client’s businesses. We are living in a visual culture, in which gray boxes and death text are not easily understood by our clients.

BigStock 7 Day Free Trial

As an aesthetic enthusiast, I have found that the offer of BigStock is pretty amazing. Their content is fresh and bold. I’ve been using it for a while now and their 7 day free trial was perfect for convincing me to take the pro offer.

BigStock  BigStock

The big problem I’ve had on the past with stock photos is that I can easily find many diverse websites and social media content working with the same images. This has frustrated me a lot, but thankfully a friend of mine recommended me to try BigStock. With their non-stop growing repertoire of content (almost 50 million stock photos, videos and vectors now) I have surpassed that prejudice of not working with stock imagery.

BigStock is a subscription-based service that starts at $79/month and gives you access to 5 daily images. That is 150 images a month at a rate of $0.53 per archive. I have tried other stock services that are $10/image, and are crowded with burned content. In your trial with BigStock you can access to 35 royalty-free stock images total in the 7 days for your commercial use.

Stop risking yours and your clients business with outdated images that can easily be found from retail stores to call center job recruiting ads. BigStock is great for web developers, designers of all sorts, and even Social Media content managing agencies. We all deserve to have high-quality images for our digital projects. BigStock is crowded with amazing photographers that are always pushing harder to make images that will leave a deeper impression in your mind.

Bigstock 7 Day Trial

BigStock is the best way to lower your operation costs. With their offer you’ll be able to download real high-quality content in no time. And the best of all, BigStock provides you with royalty-free licensed assets, so you can use your downloads carefree, for almost any purpose.

Remember that a single image is more valuable than thousands of text words. Take no risks with their Amazing Trial Offer, and you’ll have 7 days (35 images) to really get a taste of how working with low-cost and fresh content is possible indeed.

Free Green Bush Textures

Today I’m sharing a set of 6 free green bush textures that I shot of the shrubs in my own backyard. Tree textures are really interesting with a lot of great details in the branches and leaves, and you can play with the colors in post-processing to make them pop out.

Nature textures such as these can be really fun to use when you are designing websites or graphics. Check out these examples of nature related webdesigns, and these examples on nature in poster design.

These bush textures are high quality 5616×3744 pixels in size, around 20Mb each. I hope you can put them to good use. Happy downloading!

Download Free Green Bush Textures

Free Green Bush Textures (more…)

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