Free Grunge Stone Textures

Hi there! Today I’m sharing with you a mix of free grunge stone textures that I shot this summer on my trip around Iceland. They come from various rocks, stones and minerals that I photographed at a stone museum that I visited in East part of the island.

Grunge in graphic design and photography is still going strong although this particular style has become almost out-dated in web-design for the last 10 years. The grunge and distressed effect is always useful and can be used to do so many things in your artwork and photography. You can overlay the textures and blur them to create wonders in your everyday designs.

If you are intrigued and want to learn more about grunge design, here is a post with 50 Grunge Photoshop Tutorials that will definitely help you get the creative juices flowing and start designing your next grunge masterpiece.

For more inspiration, check out 100 Striking Examples of Grunge Photography over at WebdesignerDepot. And in case you need more textures, check out the thousands of Grunge Textures in our free gallery. Enjoy!

Download Free Grunge Stone Textures

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Free Coffee Stock Photos – 30 Aromatic Examples

I love the smell of newly brewed coffee in the morning, it’s what makes my day. If you are anything like me you get a little kick out of looking at quality photographs of coffee. Yes, I know you’re here for the free coffee stock photos so I guess we share the same interest for design and photography.

Unless you are (or know) a coffee barista, photographing really good looking cups of coffee is pretty hard. You might have snapped a few shorts on your phone sitting in a cafe and posted it on social media, but what about those really nice looking coffee photos that you see on the internet.

How did he get that really moody shot of his coffee with his iPhone? Most likely he didn’t use his phone, but a larger camera with a good lens. There are a lot of great articles on how to take good coffee photos online and with a quick search in Google I found “5 Steps to Taking Eye-Popping Coffee Photos“.

In this post I have hand picked 30 coffee stock photos that I liked. Whether it’s a background of roasted coffee beans or a stack of cups, they are coffee related and should be very useful when you need coffee in your work.

Have any of your own? Please consider uploading them to our gallery, we always need more images of coffee!

Morning glory – A delicious coffee

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Free Natural Quartz Textures

Today I have a brand new set of free natural quartz textures from Iceland’s largest stone collection. Quartz is a mineral made out of silicon and oxygen. With many varieties of quartz minerals found around the world, this particular one is called rock crystal.

The Romans believed quartz to be water ice, permanently frozen after great lengths of time. At that time this precious mineral was very fashionable and used in jewelry and elegant stone carvings. In early 19th century the electronic industry had become dependent on quartz crystals and today virtually all quartz crystals used in modern electronics are synthetic.

The crystal textures are a bit rough as they are straight from nature and displayed outside for the visitors of the stone museum. There were some clean & polished quartz stones inside the museum store but they were small and it was a bit too dark to get some good shots of them.

Hopefully you can find some good use for these quartz textures. Let me know if you like them.

Free Natural Quartz Textures

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Free Money Stock Photos – 20 Ka-ching! Examples

Most bloggers, photographers and designers have needed images of money at some point in their carrier, and as you might know there’s plenty of really nice free money stock photos online. Euros, Dollars, Kroner or Yens, there’s always been a demand for financial related imagery.

The problem with typical money stock photos are that sometimes they are a bit cheesy, but with so many new and fresh photographers contributing to the stock photo community there is no shortage of really good images.

In this post I have picked out 20 different images of money that you can download and use for your future projects. Most of them are of dollars and euros, but they’re the most popular ones anyway. If you are a photographer and would like to add your own currency to the mix, you’re more than welcome to sign up and upload your money photos to our gallery.

Money house

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Free Abstract Stock Photos – 30 Random Examples

Abstract photography and design may seem like a one big mess to the untrained eye, but is in fact often a masterfully crafted mix of colors, shapes and textures. As these free abstract stock photos that I have hand picked from our gallery show you, there are many different ways to archive an abstract and random effect.

If you are unfamiliar with the term abstract in photography, subjects such as light-painting, patterns, blurry images, smoke and bokeh will give you a good idea on the term. You can also create abstract designs using a 3D rendering software or an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop.

I have tried to select a variety of different abstract stock photos to show you what can be done with abstract subjects and maybe you will get some inspiration to create abstract artwork. It’s really a fun way to get those artistic juices flowing and a step closer to creating that next masterpiece. I hope you enjoy this post!

Wavy Colorful Background – Abstract Pattern

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Free Scolecite Textures

Hello guys, today I have something unique to share with you, namely a set of 6 free scolecite textures. A scolecite is a mineral found in only few places around the world, one of them being Berufjordur in East Iceland. The mineral commonly occurs as sprays of thin prismatic needles, frequently flattened on one side. It also occurs as radiating groups and fibrous masses.

Scolecite is usually colorless or white, but can also be pink, salmon, red or green. The one I photographed was mostly colorless thus the shade of blue or purple was added in post-processing. These textures have a lot of depth as I used my 100mm macro lens to get in really close to photograph the stones.

As you can see the mineral is a bit dirty with moss and other plant life growing on it. I guess that’s what happens when the stones are left outside all year around. It gives them a grunge and worn look that is a bit different and might have some application in design. At least you can add them to your arsenal for future use.
All the textures are around 70Mb, so just grab the ZIP file at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Free Scolecite Textures

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Free Water Stock Photos – 20 Thirst Quenching Examples

Capturing water can be a tricky thing to master, but with the right setup it’s not that hard. For close-ups a good natural light source and a macro lens will do the trick. And you can create free water stock photos like the ones below with ease. However, photographic moving water is a bit different where you have to freeze motion with a fast shutter speed. If you have insufficient light just turn up the ISO a bit.

If you’re new to photography and want to learn how to create good looking photos of water, waterfalls, oceans or landscapes check out this tutorial by Digital Photography School; 5 Tips on Photographing Water. I’m sure you can pick up a few things from that article.

The free water photos I’ve picked out for this post are mostly macro images showing close-ups of splashing water and droplets. Although some are more like photos for drink advertisements, which is good because they often come in handy when you need to whip up a poster or need an image for a blog post. Either way, I hope you get inspired to create something awesome with water!


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Free Landscape Stock Photos – 30 Awesome Examples

Creating eye-catching and awesome landscape photos is not an easy thing to master. Yet so many photographers dish out mind-blowing images for us to enjoy and be inspired by. In this post I have hand picked 30 free landscape stock photos from our gallery to show you what Stockvault has to offer those who don’t have the time, equipment or surroundings to create their own landscape images.

Nature landscape photography has the power to bring us to new places in the world and experience mother nature in a whole new way. They show us nature in a perfect setting and lighting, creating mysterious and dreamy images. I hope you get inspired by the stock photos below, either to start shooting your own landscape photos or by create something beautiful from them.

Kruger Park Landscape – Winter Blue

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Free Black and White Rock Textures

Hey guys, today I have a brand new set of 5 high quality black and white rock textures filled with great details and contrast. The textures are around 10Mb each and I shot them with my 100mm macro lens which creates a very interesting depth of field.

Black and white textures are favorites because you can apply them to almost any design. You can also lay them on-top of most photographs with really cool vintage and worn effect. I think this rock/mineral is called Jasper. It was originally light brown in color, but I didn’t like it and made it black and white in post-processing along with some curves and contrast adjustments.

As always you are free to use them commercially, and if you want them all you can download them via the Dropbox link at the bottom of the post. Enjoy the free textures!

Free Black and White Rock Textures

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