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Yoga has become one of the most popular workout regime in the recent years for those looking to gain strength and flexibility. It’s the fitness of choice and a way of life for many as it reduces stress and allows for a greater relaxation. With countless blogs about yoga and meditation, the need for free yoga stock photos has increased as well.

Yoga is said to be originated in ancient India nearly 26 thousand years ago. The sanskrit noun “yoga” means “to control”, “to yoke” or “to unite” and has also been translated to mean “joining”, “uniting” and “union”. The union is made between the self and the spirit. Yoga is a big part of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism as a part of their meditation practices.

Yoga and meditation can be worked into every lifestyle and schedule, and has been proven to increase health and body awareness. There are also many more physical and mental benefits of practising yoga. In this post I have selected 15 free images related to yoga and meditation. We have a lot more in our free gallery, so check out the ones below and visit the main gallery to look for more.


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Free Grunge Rusted Wall Textures

Today I have a really nice set of free grunge rusted wall textures that I shot of an old wall down by the sea. I posted another set from the same place last month, you can check it out here. These textures are gloomy and grungy, perfect as backgrounds and overlays to create worn effects on your designs and photos.

I did some minor post-processing on these images to get the desired effect of the concrete and making the rust pop out. Grunge textures like this are really useful. You can create urban posters or vintage effects on your website or graphics.

This set includes 6 high quality textures with ton of details and color variations. The size of the package is around 140Mb, which you can download in one zip file at the bottom of the post. I hope you can put them to good use, enjoy!

Download Free Grunge Rusted Wall Textures

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Free Interior Stock Photos – 20 Inspiring Examples

Interior design applies similar aesthetics as graphic design in regards to color schemes, negative space and other principles. Free interior stock photos can be very useful when you need to illustrate home design or give a warm and homely feeling to your design. Interior design also plays a big part in other architecture such as public places, to create a unique experience.

Many cities around the world make great efforts to create amazing urban interiors spaces that are inviting, while home interior is somewhat more private. Commercial businesses, shops and workplaces also try to create a respected image with their interior design.

In this post I have selected 20 examples of interiors from both homes, public places, businesses and prisons that might come in handy. Hopefully these will inspire you and make you think about design next time you visit a public place. It could be your local coffee shop or your own workplace. This time you might see them in a different view!

Hotel Lobby Seating

Hotel Lobby Seating - Free Interior Stock Photos (more…)

Free Dark Grunge Wall Textures

Hey guys, today I have a gloomy set of free dark grunge wall textures from an old building down by the sea here in Iceland. With its walls hammered by the elements all year around chipping away at the concrete and paint, creating holes and various details.

The result is a magnificent grungy looking wall surface that is a perfect background for any horror, Halloween and vintage design. You could even use them to create grunge brushes or use them as overlays to create a grunge effect in your photography. The possibilities are almost endless!

I played around with the colors of the textures in Adobe Lightroom to get a dark and muddy feeling to the images. You are free to use them as you want and edit them to suit your needs. I’m sure they would also look very good in black & white as well. As always, there is a download link below the preview images where you can get all 6 textures in a ZIP file with one click. Enjoy the free textures!

Download Free Dark Grunge Wall Textures

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Free Paper Textures – 20 Useful Examples

If you’re a designer you’ve probably used paper textures in your design work before. They are a wonderful resource that you can use to overlay photographs, create vintage backgrounds and many other visual elements to make them look great. Images of free paper textures aren’t hard to come by on the internet, there’s plenty of really good paper graphics to choose from.

In this post I have selected 20 interesting examples from our stock photo gallery that you can download and use for your photos and other projects. Don’t worry, we have hundreds more free paper textures in our gallery.

Hand Written

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Free Volcanic Stone Textures

Today I have a set of really nice and grungy volcanic stone textures from Iceland. We have these large cliffs by the sea in my hometown where the walls have been crumbling for decades, exposing some interesting rock surface.

I played around with the colors in post-processing to create a mystical mood for the textures. With some pale red veins inside the rock surface, creating a great visual effect. I hope you can use these textures to create something interesting, such as album cover artwork or something scary for Halloween!

As always the textures are free for commercial usage. You can download them now to use later, and no attribution is needed. If you want to download them all at once (116Mb), please use the dropbox link at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Download Free Volcanic Stone Textures

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Free Floral Backgrounds – 20 Blooming Examples

Returning back from a short visit to Norway has inspired me to select some beautiful floral images for this post. The summer in Norway has really kicked in with plenty of sun and greenery, in contrast to Iceland, where it was still snowing last week. For this, I have hand picked 20 colorful and beautiful free floral backgrounds from our free stock photo gallery, hoping that summer will come soon for us here up north.

Floral backgrounds and illustrations can really come in handy when designing posters, creating website graphics, blog posts and other diverse graphics that need to represent summer, growth and nature. Another good usage of floral images is to use them to decorate your computer screen or use them as a wallpaper for your tablet or mobile phone.

There’s nothing that illustrates spring and summer more than fresh flowers and colorful blossoms. The color of nature and the diversity of flowers gives many of us great pleasures. So feel welcome to grab these free floral backgrounds below for your future creations or just to decorate your blog posts or screen devices. Happy summer folks!

Purple Flowers Background

Purple Flowers Background - Free Floral Backgrounds (more…)

Free Black & White Stock Photos

In this post I have selected 20 impressive free black & white stock photos from our gallery that you can use for your next project.

Black and white photography, also known as Monochrome photography is when an image shows a different amount of light but not colors, containing tones from neutral grey ranging from black to white. Today, black and white is a niche market for photographers who use the medium for artistic purposes.

In black and white still photography, many photographers choose to shoot in solely black and white since the stark contrasts enhance the subject matter.

Still today many formal photo portraits use black and white along with visual-art photographers that use black and white in their work.


Landscape - Free Black & White Stock Photos (more…)

Free Rust and Concrete Textures

Today I have a really nice set of free rust and concrete textures from an old stone wall down by the sea. The textures are dark and gloomy with a lot of details and rust bleeding from the cast iron in the walls.

The grunge effect from the cracked concrete walls are perfect for creating backgrounds for your designs and photographs. You can even use them to create grunge brushes in Photoshop like shown in the video tutorial below.

I did not do too much with the textures in post-processing, other than sharpening the color and contrast along with some minor things. The images below are high res, over 20Mb per image. So you might want to scroll down to the bottom of the post and use the download link to get all the textures in one zip file from dropbox to save some time.

I hope you like them and please let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Download Free Rust and Concrete Textures

Free Rust and Concrete Textures (more…)

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