Blue Fashion Web Designs

Blue is a primary color, and as such, it plays a large role in all forms of design including fashion and web design. In fashion, blue often signifies status, regality, and the blue suit actually used to be a form of power as only the wealthy could afford it (it was later replaced by the black suit, however).

For fashion brands that have websites, using blue can signify health, purity, and wellness, but also represent products such as jeans and more.

In this post we’ll look at some web designs that utilize blue for their fashion brand:


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Intricate and Stunning Paper Artworks

For most people, paper is something to write on, take notes, or use in computer printers. Even in art, it’s often the canvas and not actually the star.

However, for some artists, paper is not just the canvas, it’s the entire piece of art. Through complex folding, cutting and manipulation, entire scenes can be made of paper.

Let’s look at some that are truly intricate and stunning:

The Future of Food by Zim and Zou

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30 Warming Fireplace Photographs

Fireplaces are essential in many homes, as a source of light, warmth, and heat for cooking. Fireplaces have existed in one form or another since man first started building small fires in caves, but nowadays they are generally much safer, attached to chimneys to allow the smoke to escape while providing much needed warmth and comfort.

Fireplaces are more commonly used in cold climates, but they are also a traditional staple of holidays, with many families using them for not only warmth, but also hanging stockings on a mantle above them (allowing Santa to access them easily).

In this post, we’ll look at some warming fireplace photographs:

Fire of the winter in the midnight By Mohammed Kamal Albagshi


Calendars to Ring in 2016 With

2016 is rapidly approaching, and aside from the party preparation for New Years, looking forward to football games, and making resolutions, people are also looking forward to changing their calendars.

There are always lots of calendars to choose from, such as daily devotionals, pictures of birds, plants and nature, or sexy calendars.

But for designers, there’s slightly more fun, creating unique and inspirational calendars for print:

Color Swatch Calendar

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The Joy of Christmas Morning in Photographs

For many people, Christmas morning is the morning they look forward to all year. It involves opening presents, being with family, eating delicious food, and resting and relaxing on a holiday.

Christmas morning traditions vary from family to family, and can include presents, food, family, parties, hot chocolate and coffee, warm fires, outdoor activities, church and more.

In this post we’ll look at the joy of Christmas morning captured through photography:

Winterglow By Marco Heisler


Free Christmas Party Flyer Templates

Christmas is coming, and that means many people are having holiday and Christmas parties. Whether it’s a work gathering, family gathering, or a party at a hot nightclub, parties happen left and right around this time of the year.

For graphic designers, that means there’s a lot of work to do in order to design all the promotional materials for these parties.

For designers, having some free templates to use as references, guides, inspiration or for different styles can be very useful, and in this post we’ll look at some you can download:

Golden Foil Christmas Flyer

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30 Delicious Photographs of Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are one of the most popular traditions for Christmas, perhaps only behind Christmas cards and Christmas presents. Usually Christmas cookies are sugar cookies that are cut into shapes and decorated in Christmas themes.

However, each family has their own type of Christmas cookie, such as gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, or ethnic inspired cookies such as kolaczkis.

To get in the Christmas spirit, we’ll look at some delicious photographs of Christmas cookies:

Christmas Cookies By Natasha Breen


Symbol and Pictogram Fonts for Free Download

Symbols are commonly used in all forms of design, because they allow for the conveying of meaning without using words (such as “click here” or directions). Symbols are often more universal and language-independent, making them ideal for designs that need to be understood by everyone.

One of the issues that used to present in digital designs that used lots of symbols is that you’d have to manually import each one. But now, there are symbol fonts that correspond a symbol with each letter in the alphabet.

In this post you’ll find some symbol and pictogram fonts that you can download and use to add symbols in your design:

PeaxWebDesign Icons

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30 Majestic Yachts in Photographs

Yachts are boats or ships that are primarily used for recreational purposes (as opposed to military or cargo vessels). Yachts have also become associated in recent years with opulence and luxury.

Yachts are usually bigger, at least 10 meters, and can be very large (although larger models are called superyachts or megayachts).

Their size, design and function makes them subjects for photography either at the dock or out on the open water.

Above Moonbeam By Marc Pelissier


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